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The NewYork-Presbyterian Alexandra Cohen Hospital for Women and Newborns is committed to providing a nurturing environment for women, their birth partner, and their babies. Using evidence-based medicine, we provide a suite of services to you and your loved ones.


High-Risk Pregnancy Management

Pregnant women or babies with an increased chance for health complications are considered high-risk. If you have been told you have a high-risk pregnancy, maternal-fetal medicine specialists at NewYork-Presbyterian Alexandra Cohen Hospital for Women and Newborns will offer expert care, including prenatal evaluations, fetal monitoring, and state-of-the-art diagnostic procedures. Maternal-fetal medicine physicians have advanced fellowship training in the care of women with high-risk pregnancies. Women who are older than age 35; have high blood pressure, diabetes or another chronic health condition; are carrying more than one fetus; have previously experienced pre-term labor, or have had a history of pregnancy-related complications may require the expertise of specialists with experience in managing complicated pregnancies with the best possible outcomes.

Our maternal-fetal medicine specialist treats many medical complications of pregnancy, including:

  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Preeclampsia
  • Diabetes or other endocrine disorders
  • Kidney or gastrointestinal disease
  • Infectious diseases
  • Lupus in pregnancy

Our physicians also provide special care for otherwise healthy women, whose pregnancies are at increased risk due to other conditions, including:

  • Expected twins, triplets or more
  • Recurrent pre-term labor and delivery
  • Premature rupture of membranes
  • Recurrent pregnancy loss
  • Suspected fetal growth restriction (baby not growing enough)
  • Problems with the placenta


Perinatal Care

Our Fetal Care Center — an internationally recognized facility for fetal diagnosis, counseling, and care — is located in the NewYork-Presbyterian Alexandra Cohen Hospital for Women and Newborns. The team in the Fetal Care Center is dedicated to providing exceptional care to women whose pregnancies are complicated by fetal conditions. Our patients have access to Weill Cornell Medicine physicians, including maternal-fetal medicine (MFM) specialists and subspecialists in fetal and neonatal cardiac, neurologic, urologic, orthopedic, and gastrointestinal care, among other areas. During the first visit, each patient meets with a neonatologist, an MFM specialist, and any other necessary doctors. Our coordinators can assist in arranging these appointments, and we do our best to schedule all appointments on the same day.

Prenatal Testing and Genetic Counseling

Your doctor will order certain tests before or during pregnancy to monitor your health. Other prenatal tests are done to check for health conditions in your baby such as birth defects and genetic conditions such as Down syndrome. We have specialized expertise and dedicated rooms to perform further evaluations when needed.

Some patients benefit from prenatal genetic counseling. Genetic counselors at NewYork-Presbyterian Alexandra Cohen Hospital for Women and Newborns will explain your baby’s risk of fetal abnormalities, coordinate genetic counseling, provide educational materials, and answer any questions you may have.


Labor & Delivery

The Hospital's Labor and Delivery Unit offers a comfortable, family-friendly, private setting to give birth. Our Labor and Delivery team provides:

  • Obstetrical services for all types of deliveries
  • Specialized medical and nursing staff with high nurse-to-patient staffing levels
  • Advanced technology to support labor and delivery
  • 24-hour obstetrical anesthesiology for pain management
  • On-site state-of-the-art Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

If you're experiencing an early pregnancy concern, or you are unsure if you are in labor, your obstetrician may recommend that you be evaluated in our triage area. The Hospital has a 20-bed triage suite in which our staff will determine your activity level, whether you can eat or drink, whether fetal monitoring is necessary, and if there is a need for intravenous fluids or medications. The Hospital has 16 birthing rooms, equipped with a special multi-positioned birthing bed, as well as state-of-the-art equipment for monitoring and delivering your baby, and five operating rooms for Cesarean deliveries.


Neonatal Intensive Care

Our 60-bed Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) provides a wide range of newborn services for extremely premature neonates and newborn infants requiring medical or surgical intervention. A Level IV Neonatal Intensive Care Unit — the highest recognition possible in newborn intensive care — is the first neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) in New York City with an MRI and an operating room located right within the unit. Our NICU has:

  • Newborn care provided by Weill Cornell Medicine neonatologists
  • Bedside imaging, including x-ray and portable ultrasound
  • Quiet meeting spaces for multi-specialty consultations and family education
  • Single-bedded NICU rooms to help support family bonding and comfort

The NICU is staffed with neonatologists, neonatal nurses and nurse practitioners, respiratory therapists, psychologists, social workers, nutritionists, and pharmacists who have unique experience caring for critically ill infants.


After-Birth Care

After giving birth, you and your baby will be taken to one of our 75 postpartum rooms, which includes a bathroom with shower facilities. We encourage and support 24-hour rooming-in for your baby. This will allow you to bond with your baby, get to know your baby's behaviors, and help meet their feeding needs. However, if you feel the need to rest or you are not feeling well, your baby can be cared for in our Well Baby Nurseries.


The Hospital recognizes and fully supports a new mother's choice of feeding for her newborn — breastfeeding, formula, or a combination of both. We are a breastfeeding-friendly hospital that acknowledges and complies with the New York State Department of Health's Breastfeeding Mothers' Bill of Rights. Because we encourage our new mothers to breastfeed their babies exclusively, we have a breastfeeding class every day. All of our nurses are thoroughly trained in breastfeeding basics, including techniques and positioning. Also, our International Board Certified Lactation Consultants are registered nurses and can help breastfeeding mothers who are experiencing difficulty.