Cancer Survivorship Program


A Commitment to Survivorship: Returning You to Wellness

Cancer care does not end with treatment. NewYork-Presbyterian Lawrence Hospital Cancer Center recognizes the unique needs and challenges that cancer survivors may face after treatment. We have committed to providing comprehensive care for survivors with the establishment of our Cancer Survivorship Clinical Program, which is available to all survivors of cancer — no matter where you were treated. Cancer survivors may participate in the clinical program after they complete therapy. You'll meet with a physician assistant (PA), who will act as a liaison between your oncology and primary care teams by providing a survivorship care plan customized just for you.

The Survivorship Care Plan: A Road Map for Your Future

A survivorship care plan (SCP) is an important document for education and communication following cancer treatment. Your SCP will include a treatment summary that highlights the important details of your diagnosis and therapy. It will also outline individualized recommendations for your follow-up that are tailored to your specific treatment, along with your personal health history. The SCP includes:

  • A schedule for follow-up visits, screenings, and tests related to your cancer diagnosis.
  • Recommendations for surveillance of other cancers and strategies to reduce cancer risk.
  • A review of common symptoms related to cancer treatment, such as fatigue, pain, anxiety, depression, and memory and thinking difficulties, and strategies for their management.
  • Wellness and healthy living guidelines.
  • Referrals to community resources and specialists at New York-Presbyterian Medical Group Westchester and ColumbiaDoctors.

The PA will review your SCP with you and also share it with your primary care provider.

Cancer Survivors Support Group and Programs

In addition to the Cancer Survivorship Clinical Program, NewYork-Presbyterian Lawrence Hospital offers a monthly support group for the cancer survivors, as well as special programming throughout the year.

We offer survivorship services to anyone who has finished cancer treatment, even if you received care from providers outside of NewYork-Presbyterian Lawrence Hospital. We also offer follow-up monitoring, including mammography and other forms of breast imaging, CT and PET/CT scans, bone density testing, and laboratory tests for all cancer survivors.

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