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NewYork-Presbyterian Westchester (formerly Lawrence Hospital)

Prostate and Other Urologic Cancers

Treatment of prostate, kidney, and bladder cancers

Advanced Care for Genitourinary Cancers

The urologic cancer specialists at NewYork-Presbyterian Westchester (formerly Lawrence Hospital) provide comprehensive diagnostic, treatment, and follow-up care for people with urologic cancers, such as prostate cancer, bladder cancer, and kidney cancer. We coordinate all the care you need, including cancer surgery (performed whenever possible using minimally invasive approaches such as robotic surgery); chemotherapy and immunotherapy; advanced radiation therapy; and survivorship services.

What We Treat

We care for patients with urologic cancers such as:

  • Prostate cancer
  • Kidney cancer, including renal cell carcinoma and transitional cell carcinoma
  • Bladder cancer
  • Cancer of the ureters

Our Approach to Care

Our dedicated staff includes medical, urological, and radiation oncologists, pathologists, radiologists, oncology nurses, radiation therapists, and others with experience caring for people with urologic cancers. We can connect you with urologists who perform the latest surgical procedures. Our team members participate in regular tumor board meetings to discuss each case and combine their expertise to assemble the most effective treatment plan for each patient. A patient navigator coordinates the various components of your care and serves as your point of contact for any questions you or your family may have.

We understand that a diagnosis of cancer can be challenging. That's why we also offer psychosocial, nutritional, and other support services for individuals with urologic cancers. Your team ensures that your quality of life is the best it can be from the moment of diagnosis and throughout your treatment.

Why Choose Us

Urologic cancers and their treatment can have uncomfortable effects on your well-being. Our team does all we can to treat your cancer effectively while preserving your quality of life as much as possible, with special attention to preserving your urinary and sexual function. If standard treatments are not effective against your cancer, you'll have access to clinical trials of promising new approaches through our affiliation with the National Cancer Institute-designated Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center at Columbia University Medical Center.

Cancer care does not end with treatment, so we have established a Cancer Survivorship Clinical Program. Our survivorship team will serve as a bridge between your oncology and primary care teams by providing a survivorship care plan — a road map for your future health care. We also work closely with other NewYork-Presbyterian specialists in cardiology, bone health, and, rehabilitation, and physical therapy to address your other medical needs. Contact us to make an appointment for a consultation.

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NewYork-Presbyterian Westchester (formerly Lawrence Hospital)

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