Cancer Services


The Most Advanced Cancer Care Tailored for You

At NewYork-Presbyterian Lawrence Hospital, we treat cancer using the most advanced screening, prevention, diagnostic techniques, and therapies available, including:

  • Screening, Risk Reduction, and Genetic Counseling to find cancers earlier or reduce cancer risk
  • Surgery, using advanced techniques and minimally invasive approaches whenever appropriate
  • Interventional Oncology, the treatment of cancers and cancer-related problems using targeted, minimally invasive procedures guided by imaging
  • Chemotherapy, including drugs matched to the biology of your cancer
  • Immunotherapy, boosting the power of your immune system to detect and fight cancer cells
  • Radiation therapy, offering precision technologies that zero in on your tumor to deliver highly effective radiation doses while minimizing exposure to healthy tissue

If you need more advanced treatment, such as a bone marrow transplant or complex surgery, you can receive that care at NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia in New York City. We will facilitate your access to these treatments while ensuring your continuity of care at our center.

When your care is complete, we provide comprehensive care through our Cancer Survivorship Clinical Program, which is available to all survivors of cancer — no matter where you were treated.

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