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The Best Possible Treatment in an Atmosphere of Compassionate Care

At NewYork-Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital’s Cheryl R. Lindenbaum Comprehensive Cancer Center, we are committed to providing you with the best possible treatment for your specific type of cancer, its stage, and your personal needs, all in an atmosphere of compassionate care.

Our physicians take an evidence-based approach to cancer treatment that is based on nationally recognized guidelines. Their active participation in professional organizations and research initiatives in conjunction with Columbia University Irving Medical Center ensures that you benefit from the latest breakthroughs in diagnosis, treatment, testing and survivorship.

Our multidisciplinary team of providers convene on a constant basis, in daily consultations and at weekly team meetings to discuss your individual needs. During our weekly meeting of the Oncology Tumor Board, medical oncologists, surgical oncologists, radiation oncologists, radiologists, pathologists, nurses and social workers convene to discuss patient cases to determine the best course of care. The Board also participates in roundtable videoconferences with our colleagues at Columbia for additional consultation on complex cases.

Our patients can be confident that through NewYork-Presbyterian, a world leader in cancer care and research, we are able to direct our patients to the right therapy or to a clinical trial where they can receive the latest innovative treatment approaches.


We Offer a Full Range of Cancer Therapies


If chemotherapy is part of your treatment, you will receive it at our Infusion Center, which provides chemotherapy as well as blood transfusions, intravenous antibiotics and other infusions in a spacious suite with natural light, private television and access to the Internet. The physical layout supports complete privacy as well as a feeling of community. You receive care from our experienced Magnet nursing staff, all of whom are certified in their specialty.

Radiation Therapy

We are proud to offer the most advanced radiation therapy plans and technology available to treat cancer. Our radiation oncologists are experienced and adept at providing radiation therapy that zeroes in on your cancer while sparing nearby healthy tissue, resulting in fewer side effects than conventional radiation therapy.

We offer the latest in radiation oncology services, including:

  • HD Tomotherapy, advanced radiation therapy that uses CT scanning to pinpoint cancerous tumors, making it possible to adjust the treatment field daily to achieve maximum effect against the tumor while sparing healthy tissue.
  • Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy, which allows for an increased treatment dose to the tumor, resulting in greater control of the disease.
  • TomoTherapy® Hi•Art® system that delivers continuous radiation from all angles to the patient. The system continuously updates information about the target’s location, shape and size, thereby enhancing treatment accuracy and significantly reducing radiation exposure to healthy tissue.

Precision-Targeted Therapies

Precision-targeted therapies are transforming cancer care, from “one size fits all” medicine to a personalized approach based on a patient’s genetic profile and medical history. These therapies target a specific gene, pathway, or process in a tumor and impair the tumor's ability to grow, divide, and spread without causing detrimental effects to normal, non-cancerous cells. Combined with other factors including the patient’s overall health, environment and lifestyle, precision-targeted therapies are fine-tuned to the patient’s needs to enhance quality of life and provide a greater chance of survival.


Immunotherapy harnesses the power of one’s immune system to attack disease. A powerful new weapon in the fight against cancer, immunotherapy is considered the “fifth pillar” alongside surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and precision-targeted cancer therapies for improving the quality of life and survival of cancer patients.


Operating rooms accommodate the latest surgical approaches and technologies, including:

  • Surgical biopsy, which is often the first step in making a cancer diagnosis. We offer surgical biopsy procedures and timely review by board-certified pathologists to maximize coordinated care and enhanced patient convenience.
  • Minimally invasive surgical techniques which are often performed on an outpatient basis.

Clinical Trials

NewYork-Presbyterian researchers have been awarded the National Cancer Institute (NCI) Comprehensive Cancer Center designation because of their leadership in the development of clinical trials that explore all aspects of cancer care, from screening and prevention practices to innovative treatments. You may be eligible to participate in a clinical trial of a promising new cancer therapy, a diagnostic technique, or a survey assessing your quality of life. Your doctor may discuss clinical trial opportunities with you and assist in enrolling you in one of these studies.

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