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Support, Guidance & Inspiration for Every Phase of Your Care

At NewYork-Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital’s Cheryl R. Lindenbaum Comprehensive Cancer Center, we help you and your family members cope with the many physical and emotional changes that cancer and its treatment may bring with a wide range of support services and programs. Your support team takes the time to get to know you so that we may coordinate your care services, and we provide this care to you in an unhurried, personalized environment.

Our wide range of support services include:

Patient Navigators

The role of the Patient Navigator is to serve as the one point of contact for the clarification of information and coordination of your care. Your Patient Navigator will assist you in understanding your diagnosis and treatment, facilitate your workup and treatment schedule, and identify your and your family’s needs for support and community resources.

Social Workers

Social workers are available to meet with patients, families and caregivers to offer emotional support while coping with illness, referrals to psychiatrists and long-term psychotherapists, and community resources and support groups.

Nutrition Counseling

Nutrition counseling is available for patients who have been diagnosed with cancer and are undergoing cancer treatment. Our Registered Dietitians work closely with you to create a customized plan according to your health goals and unique needs.

Palliative Care

It is our belief that cancer care goes far beyond diagnosis and treatment with support and programs that empower patients to cope with the physical, psychological and emotional symptoms and side effects of cancer and cancer treatment. Known as palliative care, this specialized care is not only reserved for people at the end of life, but is extremely beneficial for patients undergoing cancer treatment at any stage. Our physicians work very closely with cancer patients and palliative care specialists to address the patient’s needs throughout his or her entire cancer experience to relieve symptoms and improve quality of life.

Lymphedema Therapy

Patients suffering from lymphedema – swelling that occurs when lymph fluid fails to drain properly – can benefit from an individualized therapy program. NewYork-Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital’s Center for Rehabilitation offer lymphedema therapy comprised of a combination of techniques, including exercise, compression bandaging and manual drainage, that reduce swelling, improve skin condition and enable patients to move more comfortably. This therapy addresses lymphedema related to cancer, trauma and vascular conditions. 

Learn more about our Center for Rehabilitation

Integrative Therapies Program

The Integrative Therapies Program gives patients and caregivers the opportunity to increase their knowledge and improve their skills to better cope with cancer and its treatments. The program provides education and information about the impact of a healthy lifestyle on cancer and other chronic conditions such as heart disease, as well as nutrition education and food appreciation activities such as healthy cooking and meal planning; exercise; acupressure; lifestyle programs and relaxation strategies such as yoga.

Soup & Sides

The Soups & Sides program provides cancer patients and caregivers with a nutritious snack and education concerning the impact of diet on health. Patients have the opportunity to discuss the nutritional value of food and how it can support their healing. The chef and a registered dietitian are available to answer patients’ questions.

Cancer Survivorship Program

Thanks to early detection and effective treatment, more people are surviving cancer than ever before. In our Cancer Survivorship Program we work closely with you to develop a customized care plan, essentially a “blueprint for healthy living,” that includes strategies for managing symptoms, maintaining health after treatment, planning follow-up visits and cancer screenings, and referrals to community resources and specialists. This program is a collaborative effort among specialists throughout NewYork-Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital and Columbia University Irving Medical Center to ensure that you have access to the ongoing support, education and resources you need for life.


Support Groups & Programs

Providing support for cancer patients, caregivers and cancer survivors is a key component of care at the hospital’s Cheryl R. Lindenbaum Comprehensive Cancer Center. Through partnerships with community resources we offer ongoing support groups and programs. View our events calendar to view upcoming support groups and programs.

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