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At NewYork-Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital, we’re here to help you and your family members cope with the many physical and emotional changes that cancer and its treatment may bring. We offer team-based care and a wide range of support services and programs in a welcoming, personalized environment. Your team takes the time to get to know you so that we can tailor your care to your individual needs.

Your Cancer Care Team

We bring together all the experts you need to receive advanced and holistic cancer care, including:

  • Board-certified medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, cancer surgeons, radiologists, interventional radiologists, and pathologists
  • Oncology nurses and nurse practitioners with years of experience
  • Certified radiation therapists
  • Patient navigators who provide you with guidance, education, and coordination of care
  • Social workers who provide counseling and information about in-home, family, and medical services
  • Pharmacy staff with experience and knowledge of cancer medications, including chemotherapy drugs and immunotherapy agents
  • Referrals to genetic counselors who provide cancer risk assessments and can help you decide whether you or your family members should be tested
  • Palliative care practitioners who help you cope with the physical, psychological, and emotional symptoms and side effects of cancer and its treatment — from the moment of diagnosis, throughout your care, and beyond
  • Nutritionists who specialize in the unique dietary needs of people with cancer during and after treatment. Nutritional counseling is available, as well as our Soups & Sides program, which provides people with cancer and their caregivers with a nutritious snack and education concerning the impact of diet on health.
  • Physical therapists, occupational therapists, and other rehabilitation specialists to support your recovery
  • Survivorship care providers to guide you in the transition from active treatment to a return to wellness

Our Approach to Care

We’ll connect you with a patient navigator who serves as the one point of contact for information and the coordination of your care. Your patient navigator will assist you in understanding your diagnosis and treatment, facilitate your workup and treatment schedule, and identify your and your family’s needs for support and community resources. Social workers are also available to provide emotional support, referrals to psychiatrists and psychotherapists for long-term care, and connections with community resources and support groups.

Enhancing your comfort during cancer care

We are devoted to helping you maintain the best quality of life possible during and after your cancer treatment.

Integrative health approaches - The Integrative Therapies Program provides patients and caregivers with education and information about the impact of a healthy lifestyle on cancer and other chronic conditions such as heart disease, as well as activities that may include exercise, acupuncture, lifestyle programs, and relaxation strategies.

Lymphedema care - People suffering from lymphedema (swelling that occurs when lymph fluid fails to drain properly, which can happen after cancer surgery that involves the removal of lymph nodes) can benefit from an individualized therapy program. Our Center for Rehabilitation offers lymphedema therapy using a combination of techniques — including exercise, compression bandages, and manual drainage — to reduce swelling, improve skin condition, and promote comfortable movement.

Financial counseling - We want you to focus on getting better without worrying about how to pay for cancer care. Financial counseling is available to help you and your family address the challenges of paying for treatment and navigating the complexities of insurance coverage. Our financial counselors can help you understand and maximize insurance coverage as well as find resources to address gaps in coverage where possible.

Why Choose Us

At NewYork-Presbyterian Hudson Valley, your care goes beyond cancer treatments to include support and recovery services, including special programs through our community partnerships. View our events calendar to learn about upcoming activities.

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