NewYork-Presbyterian offers world-class guidance on gynecologic cancer and empowers you with specialized knowledge. Our experts provide state-of-the-art care across the spectrum of uterine, ovarian, fallopian tube, cervical, vaginal, and vulvar cancers.

Routine Pap tests are well-known screenings that can be used to detect cervical cancer. However, detection is not as straightforward for other cancers. This is why it's especially important to recognize the warning signs and to speak with a healthcare professional early. Whether you feel like something's off or you're just trying to stay on top of your health, NewYork-Presbyterian is here for you. Learn more about screening and diagnostic tests for gynecologic cancers.

NewYork-Presbyterian provides a comprehensive range of early detection and prevention programs for gynecologic cancer, including pelvic exams, rectal exams, vaginal ultrasounds, CA-125, a blood test used to detect cancer markers, and genetic counseling and testing.

We offer services at various locations throughout greater New York, to ensure that you can easily and conveniently prioritize your gynecological care.