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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital?
We're located at 506 Sixth Street, Brooklyn, NY 11215. The entrance to the Hospital is on 6th Street between 7th and 8th Avenues.

Where can I park?
There is a parking garage on 6th Street on the right hand side just before you reach 7th Avenue. The cost is roughly $7 for the first hour and the garage accepts cash only - no credit cards.

How do I locate a patient in the Hospital?
To locate a patient, simply call 718-780-3010 and give the operator the patient's full name (no nicknames).

How do I find a department within the Hospital?
This website contains floor plans for the entire NYPBMH campus. Once you arrive at the Hospital, you can also stop by one of our information desks to ask for directions to the department.

How can I find out if there's a NYPBMH health center in my neighborhood?
We have health centers all over Brooklyn. On the Homepage of this website, click "Find Our Locations."

Can I purchase a gift from the Gift Shop over the phone and have it delivered to a patient?
Yes. The gift shop has a variety of items that make perfect gifts - cards, balloons, flowers, religious statues, stuffed animals, baby supplies, products for new mothers and much more. Simply call the gift shop at 718-780-3366, order the item and pay using a credit card. The Gift Shop will see to it that your gift is hand delivered to the patient staying with us.

Does the Hospital have an ATM?
Yes. The ATM machine is in the Stanley H. Miner Pavilion, next to the Security desk.

Am I allowed to smoke in or around the Hospital?
NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital is a "smoke-free" institution. There is no smoking permitted in any room or area within 50 feet of the Hospital.

May I use my cell phone while I'm in the Hospital?
No. The use of wireless electronic communication equipment (such as cellular phones and hand-held personal or laptop computers that are wirelessly connected to the Internet) is not permitted within the Hospital as it can interfere with Hospital equipment.

Does NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital accept my health insurance?
NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital accepts most forms of insurance such as Medicare, Blue Cross, Medicaid, Worker's Compensation, no-fault auto, commercial, managed care and union insurance. Please bring your insurance identification cards when you come to the Hospital. You will be expected to pay any remaining portion of the bill that your insurance does not cover.

What if I'm having a hard time paying my Hospital bill?
If you need any information about Medicaid or have questions about getting help to pay your Hospital bill, please call our financial counselor at 718-780-5188. Financial aid is available to eligible patients who are in need, those who reside in the Hospital's service area and those who receive medically necessary services. Financial counselors assist with applications for entitlement benefits. If you are unable to pay your hospital bill, you may be able to work out a payment plan with us. Learn more about our billing policies here or call 718-369-0160, extension 6104.

If I have a special diet, may I maintain this diet while in the Hospital?
If you have any special religious or cultural dietary needs, please alert your nurse or dietitian. Kosher meals are readily available. If you have questions about your meals, please ask your nurse to contact the dietician, or ask the dietitian assistant who will visit you each day.

Does the Hospital provide any places for prayer?
The Phillips Chapel, located in the Miner Pavilion lobby, is open at all times for personal prayer and reflection. In addition, there is a Jewish Prayer Room located in the lobby of the Carrington Pavilion and a Muslim prayer room located in Wesley House, Room 5D. You may access these rooms by contacting the Department of Security at 718-780-3350 .