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Advances in Pediatric Psychiatry

We take a comprehensive, holistic approach to treating child and adolescent mental health.

Our nationally recognized pediatric psychiatry faculty from Columbia and Weill Cornell Medicine provide diagnosis, treatment, crisis intervention, and support in collaboration with pediatricians and caregivers to provide the most effective & compassionate care possible.

image of chart process to determine autism

Columbia Researchers Conduct Groundbreaking Autism Center of Excellence Study

Father and son

Preventing Suicide on a Worldwide Scale

Teenager with depression in hospital setting

New Study Identifies Gaps in Emergency Care for Youth in Crisis

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Neonatology & Psychiatry

Preterm Birth: Identifying the Potential Consequences for Toddlers and Preschoolers

image of Young teenage boy with counselor

CBIT Therapy: Strategies and Skills to Manage Tic Disorders

image of kid finger-painting a rainbow on a window

Addressing Ongoing Challenges in Autism Spectrum Disorder

image of teenager on couch having a therapy session

Targeting Psychosis: Getting Help Early to Adolescents and Young Adults

digital illustration of puzzle children symbol as a child special learning icon as jigsaw pieces coming together to form a young student head

Augmenting Assessment in Autism Spectrum Disorders

Digital illustration of child's head in profile highlighting parts of brain

Examining the Neural Pathways in Pediatric OCD