Patient Stories


The Center for Youth Mental Health

formerly the Youth Anxiety Center


curly hair woman resting head on handI am 24 years old and just finished my master’s degree in health-care administration. I am doing well now, but I have had a lifelong struggle with anxiety that at times made me wonder whether I would ever make it. My parents brought me to treatment when I was in grade school, but I was so uncomfortable I never ever spoke to the therapist. The therapist didn’t say much either. He did say that he thought I would talk when I was ready. That therapy lasted almost a year before my parents said I didn’t have to go anymore. I started real treatment when I was fourteen, but even in that first interview I wasn’t able to speak. I did nod my head to questions, but the doctor seemed to know what was the matter with me; he told me it was anxiety that made it difficult to talk. He seemed to “get it,” and my parents liked him, so we followed his recommendations. He started me on medication, and after about six weeks I felt better than I ever had. It wasn’t perfect, but I was better.