If you are experiencing complications or more difficulties than the average pregnant patient, your doctor may diagnose you as having a high-risk pregnancy. There are some risk factors that could cause a high-risk pregnancy, and signs and symptoms that may indicate you need advanced or specialized care. A maternal fetal medicine doctor can help treat and manage a high-risk pregnancy to support the health of both mother and baby through every stage of pregnancy. 

Diagnosing a High-Risk Pregnancy


With regular prenatal care, your doctor can provide a diagnosis and treat your high-risk pregnancy to ensure the health and safety of both you and your baby. At NewYork-Presbyterian, our highly trained physicians offer a comprehensive evaluation of maternal health, obstetric complications, fetal development, and genetics, to determine if you are at risk for a high-risk pregnancy. NewYork-Presbyterian’s expert doctors provide prenatal testing for early detection of high-risk pregnancy using the most advanced techniques and technology. 

High-risk pregnancy testing may include: 

  • Nonstress test, also known as antenatal fetal heart rate test
  • Fetal echocardiograms to diagnose fetal heart conditions (in conjunction with the Division of Pediatric Cardiology)
  • Doppler ultrasound to measure fetal blood flow using noninvasive ultrasound technology 
  • Amniocentesis, which tests the amniotic fluid for indicators of chromosomal disorders and genetic abnormalities 
  • Fetal blood tests from the fetus or umbilical cord to test for blood-related conditions 

How are High-Risk Pregnancies Treated or Managed?


At NewYork-Presbyterian, our maternal-fetal medicine (MFM) doctors, also known as perinatologists, treat high-risk pregnancies with a multidisciplinary team approach for the most integrative health care. We offer personalized service, with access to a full network of NewYork-Presbyterian specialists to meet your unique pregnancy health needs, including:  

  • Frequent follow-ups with your ob-gyn
  • Checkups with a perinatologist (an expert doctor in maternal-fetal medicine) 
  • Advanced ultrasound technology and evaluation during prenatal care 
  • Close monitoring of fetal growth and progress
  • Medication
  • At home vital measurements
  • Supportive care from compassionate ob/gyns and MFM doctors 
  • Coordinated specialty care services, including referrals to specialists  


In some cases, you may require early hospitalization for closer monitoring and to receive antepartum (before childbirth) care. Your doctor may also schedule you for labor induction or cesarean birth, also known as a Cesarean delivery, if you or your baby’s health is at risk. NewYork-Presbyterian has a state-of-the-art Neonatal Intensive Care Units for newborns born with low birth weight, prematurely, or in respiratory distress for advanced care. 

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NewYork-Presbyterian provides a full range of maternal and fetal medicine (MFM) services, including diagnostic testing, prenatal care monitoring, and personalized treatment of your high-risk pregnancy. NewYork-Presbyterian’s perinatologists offer collaborative care with other specialists to coordinate your health needs and provide access to its many pregnancy centers located throughout lower Manhattan, Westchester, Hudson Valley, Queens, and Brooklyn. 

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