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Pay My Bill / Financial Aid

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Hospital Bills & Insurance

Your Hospital Bill

Your hospital bill includes a basic daily charge, which covers a semi-private room, meals, technical services and routine nursing care. You may request a copy of your hospital bill at any time during your hospital stay or after discharge. NewYork-Presbyterian Westchester now offers a free service that lets you pay your hospital bill online.

Important Information about Paying for Your Care at NewYork-Presbyterian Westchester

NewYork-Presbyterian Westchester is a participating provider in many health plan networks. Some health plans use smaller networks for certain products they offer so it is important to check whether we participate in the specific plan you are covered by. Our list will tell you if we do not participate in all of a health plan’s products.

Insurances Accepted

It is also important for you to know that the physician services you receive in the Hospital are not included in the Hospital’s charges. Physicians who provide services at the Hospital may be voluntary physicians or they may be employed by the Hospital. Physicians bill for their services separately and may or may not participate in the same health plans as the Hospital. You should check with the physician arranging your Hospital services to determine which plans that physician participates in. Plan participation information for physicians employed by the Hospital can be found here. NewYork-Presbyterian Westchester contracts with a number of physician groups, such as anesthesiologists, radiologists and pathologists, to provide services at the Hospital. Contact information for the physician groups the Hospital has contracted with is available here. You should contact these groups directly to find out which health plans they participate in.

Physicians Employed & Physicians Contracted

You should also check with the physician arranging for your Hospital services to determine whether the services of any other physicians will be required for your care. Your physician can provide you with the practice name, mailing address and telephone number of any physicians whose services may be needed. Your physician will also be able to tell you whether the services of any physicians employed or contracted by NewYork-Presbyterian Westchester are likely to be needed, such as anesthesiologists, radiologists and pathologists. Contact information for these physicians is available here. You should contact these groups directly to find out which health plans they participate in.

Hospitals are required by law to make available information about their standard charges for the items and services they provide. This information is available by contacting our customer service department at 866-822-5576.

If you do not have health insurance, you may be eligible for assistance in paying your Hospital bills or you may contact our Financial Assistance Office at 866-252-0101.



This hospital is an approved Medicare provider. All services billed to Medicare follow federal guidelines and procedures. Medicare has a Coordination of Benefits (COB) clause. At the time of service you will be asked to answer questions to help determine the primary insurance carrier paying for your visit. This is referred to as an Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) Questionnaire and is required by federal law. Your assistance in providing accurate information will allow us to bill the correct insurance company.

Medicare deductibles and co-insurance are covered by your secondary insurance. If you do not have secondary insurance you will be asked to pay these amounts or establish a payment plan. If you are unable to pay these amounts, we will help you determine if you qualify for a state funded program.


Financial Counseling and Financial Assistance Program

NewYork-Presbyterian Westchester is proud of its not-for-profit mission to provide caring, high quality healthcare that meets the needs and expectations of the communities we serve.

NewYork-Presbyterian Westchester has developed a Financial Assistance program for patients who are unable to pay for some or all of the medical expenses incurred at the hospital and who meet the eligibility guidelines established in the program.

Also, we may be able to offer assistance to patients who do not have health insurance and worry they may not be able to pay for some or all of their hospital services. The program is based on patient income and need. In addition, we will work with patients to arrange a manageable payment plan option or to get free or low-cost health insurance.

For more information regarding our program, please contact a Financial Counselor at 866-252-0101. All inquires are treated with confidentiality and courtesy.


Are you uninsured?

A Financial Counselor can answer your questions about your hospital bill and help you interpret financial policies and billing procedures at the hospital. In addition, they can assist with any questions regarding policies related to our Financial Assistance program. A Financial Counselor can be reached by calling 866-252-0101, Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 4:00pm. If you call after the hours noted, please leave a voicemail message and your call will be returned the next business day.