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Home to world-class doctors from Columbia and Weill Cornell Medicine, NewYork-Presbyterian is one of the nation’s most comprehensive healthcare systems

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There is only one you, with your strengths, passions and experiences. You can shape your own life, or even change the world. You are amazing. And you deserve the kind of extraordinary, compassionate care that only NewYork-Presbyterian can provide, as one of the nation’s leading hospitals, with doctors from two of the nation’s top schools. Whether you’re looking for an everyday provider, a place to have your baby, or need advanced, specialized treatments, you can get the right care for you, with the right doctor, and right nearby—all to help you Stay Amazing.

NewYork-Presbyterian provides the best in maternal care for mothers at all stages of building a family.

Our experts in high-risk pregnancy and maternal fetal medicine care for pregnant mothers, even those facing rare and complex conditions, so that they can Stay Amazing for themselves and their babies. Learn more.

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Fighting for Healthcare Justice

Fighting for Healthcare Justice

Addressing the Root Causes of Health Inequity

The Dalio Center for Health Justice works to understand the root causes of health inequities and set a new standard of health justice for our communities. We aim to:

  • Collaborate across NewYork-Presbyterian to improve the quality of and access to our care
  • Develop future leaders with programs that emphasize how structural inequities impact health
  • Support and connect researchers who are promoting health equity for socially at-risk populations
  • Develop a database used to identify differences in health outcomes, target new initiatives, and measure impact
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