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Stay Amazing

Home to world-class doctors from Columbia and Weill Cornell Medicine, NewYork-Presbyterian is one of the nation’s most comprehensive healthcare systems.


What Does It Take to Stay Amazing?

Amazing needs doctors from the most prestigious schools in the nation, the latest technology and empathy to care for every one of us. Because we are all amazing. That’s a fact.

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Legacy of Amazing

World-Class Patient Care from World-Class Medical Institutions

Through its affiliation with two Ivy League medical schools, Columbia and Weill Cornell Medicine, NewYork-Presbyterian offers world-class healthcare provided by the country’s leading medical professionals including the latest innovations, telemedicine and research that helps save lives.
NewYork-Presbyterian has a long history of outstanding care in medicine, spanning more than 200 primary and specialty care clinics and 10 hospital campuses in the greater New York area.
With an integrated and comprehensive approach, NewYork-Presbyterian is one of the nation’s top hospitals.

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Digital Services to Improve Your Care

Reimagining Exceptional Healthcare

Whether through Virtual Urgent Care, Mobile Stroke Treatment Units, or online second opinions, NewYork-Presbyterian is finding new ways to extend our world-renowned care far beyond the walls of the hospital.

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Digital Health Services

Fighting for Healthcare Justice

Fighting for Healthcare Justice

Addressing the Root Causes of Health Inequities

The Dalio Center for Health Justice aims to understand and address the root causes of health inequities with the goal of setting a new standard of health justice for the communities we serve. Our four core focus areas are:

  • Clinical and Community Strategy, which develops projects to improve the quality of and access to our care
  • Education and Leadership, which creates educational programming emphasizing the role structural inequities play in our health
  • Research and Implementation Science, which supports clinical and health services research on health equity
  • Data and Infrastructure, which develops a rich health equity database to identify differences in health outcomes, target new initiatives, and measure ongoing impact.
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Dedicated Specialists with Unmatched Expertise

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