Domestic and Other Violence Emergencies (DOVE)

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Domestic and Other Violence Emergencies (DOVE)

Support Groups


The DOVE Program offers support groups for survivors of domestic violence, intimate partner violence and sexual violence.

All support groups meet virtually and run periodically throughout the year. Support groups are facilitated by the NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia University Irving Medical Center DOVE team.

What are the benefits of support groups?

Support groups can offer many benefits to survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence, from psycho-education to a sense of community and belonging. The most widely recognized benefits of group therapy are the shattering of isolation, self-blame and shame — what once felt unbearable becomes bearable in the presence of other survivors who understand, don't judge, and offer compassionate listening.

DOVE support groups


Support groups offered at DOVE are time-limited, ranging from a few weeks to few months. Our support groups vary in size, usually from 6 members to 10 or more, and meet either weekly or biweekly. Support groups may be offered in English and in Spanish based on patient preference, and need. Please call to enquire about specific dates and times.

Are DOVE support groups free?

Yes! As every other service provided by DOVE, we are proud to offer support groups to survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault completely free of charge.

How do I join a support group?

A prescreening interview is required in order to qualify for our support groups.

To receive information about our support groups, please call the DOVE line at 212-305-9060 and leave a message with your name and phone number, or email us at [email protected].


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