Chemical Inventory

A chemical inventory is performed annually, listing all of the hazardous chemicals in the laboratory. Chemicals listed are those classified as hazardous by the Department of Transportation, the Environmental Protection Agency, or displaying a 2 or greater number in any section of the National Fire Protection Association diamond.

Chemicals are listed alphabetically as well as by manufacturer or location according to the most commonly used name (e.g., bleach). Carcinogens are listed separately. Chemical inventory is available in binders in each department and includes:

  • Substance name (in the same format or nomenclature as is used on the New York City List of Hazardous Substances, where possible)
  • CAS#
  • Maximum amount stored (i.e., container size multiplied by number of containers present)
  • Units (lb, g, kg, L, ml, gal, etc.)
  • Location (building name and room number)


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