Know your Chemicals: Inventory Requirements

According to the Rules of the City of New York (Title 15, Chapter 41), if you store or handle any chemical listed on the New York City List of Hazardous Substances at or above its threshold reporting quantity, you must annually file a Facility Inventory Form with the New York City Department of Environmental Protection and the New York City Fire Department. EHS will file your inventory but requires you to follow the Chemical Inventory Requirements.

On March 1st of every year, NewYork-Presbyterian Environmental Health & Safety reports the names and quantities of all substances on the New York City List of Hazardous Substances that is present in NewYork-Presbyterian facilities. It is important to update your inventories between December 1st and December 15th of every year in order to provide enough time to prepare the reports.

In order to facilitate the annual submission to NYCDEP and FDNY, Environmental Health & Safety requires that all areas that store or use hazardous substances maintain an up to date inventory of all such materials.

The inventory must include, at a minimum:

  • Substance Name (in the same format or nomenclature as is used on the New York City List of Hazardous Substances, where possible)
  • CAS#
  • Maximum Amount stored (i.e., container size multiplied by number of containers present)
  • Units (lb, g, kg, L, ml, gal, etc.) and
  • Location (building name and room number).


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