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Frequently Asked Questions
Columbia - West Campus

Leasing Office | Payroll Deduction and Billing

Leasing Office Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is eligible for New York Presbyterian Hospital Housing?
    • Eligibility for RCP housing is dependent on being a full-time, salaried employee of NYP or a NYP affiliate. Priority is based on the need for that person to be housed in close proximity to NYP in furtherance of its core mission to provide high quality health care services.
  • Where are the NYPH buildings located?
    • All apartment buildings are within walking distance to the Columbia Campus, between West 164th -170th Street.
  • What is the License Agreement term?
    • All license agreements are for a one year term, renewed annually for an additional one year term, contingent upon remaining a full time employee.
  • Can I share my apartment with a non-Hospital employee?
    • Yes. Nevertheless, only the Hospital Employee will be the Licensee and recognized as the tenant of record.
  • Are the apartments unfurnished?
    • Yes, however kitchen appliances are provided including a microwave.
  • Can I schedule an appointment to view an apartment?
    • Yes, please contact the Leasing Office to schedule an apartment showing, please note the following contact numbers
    • Columbia Campus Leasing Office: (212) 305-2014
    • Cornell Campus Leasing Office: (212) 746-9096
    • E-mail us at: [email protected]
  • Are pets permitted in housing?
    • Pets under 40lbs are permitted, unless they infringe upon your neighbors quiet enjoyment of their apartment.
  • What is included in the rental rate?
    • Heat and hot water are included.
    • Gas, Electric, Cable/Internet are separate charges direct billed from the company.
  • How do I pay my rent?
    • All NYP /Weill Cornell hospital employees are eligible to enroll for automatic payroll deduction.
    • All Columbia University Medical Center paid employees must be on direct billing due to system compatibility.
  • Is housing guaranteed when submitting my application?
    • NYP Real Estate will be working diligently to ensure that we provide housing to all qualified incoming staff members. If we see that we cannot accommodate your request, you will be notified as soon as possible.
  • Can I move in anytime during the month?
    • Move In’s are conducted Monday-Friday. Please confirm your request with the Leasing Office.
  • What funds do I need to provide prior to move in?
    • Pro-Rated Rent: In order to secure the apartment, you are required to submit payment for (1) the pro-rated rent due for the days remaining within the calendar month of move-in and (2) the monthly rent for the next full calendar month.
    • Security Deposit: One month’s rent is due in order to secure the apartment.
    • ALL CHECKs must be remitted as a certified check or money order.
  • When do I have to submit the move in paperwork and pro-rated rent?
    • Once you have accepted your housing assignment, you receive your move in package via email to be executed and returned to the office.
    • The Leasing Office must receive all completed documents and certified payments no later than seven business days from the date of the email.
  • What will I need to arrange my move in?
    • Move ins are scheduled Monday-Friday.
    • Moving Companies must provide a move certificate of insurance.
    • Self-Movers must provide a move in/out waiver.
    • Electricity:
      • You are required to contact Con Edison to switch the electricity account into your name effective on your lease start date.
    • If you would like cable, internet, and or phone service, you must schedule an installation appointment time after you have taken possession of your apartment.
  • Where can I locate options for my children’s schooling?
  • Is there parking available?
    • Please contact the parking office for rates and availability: 212-305-4903.

Payroll Deduction & Billing Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does my rent have to be paid via Payroll Deduction?
    • No. However, all NYP/Weill Cornell Hospital employees are eligible to enroll in payroll deduction or billing at the time of renting an apartment from Royal Charter Properties.
    • Columbia University Irving Medical Center paid employees must be on direct billing due to system compatibility.
  • Is my payroll deduction pre-tax or post-tax?
    • All payroll rental deductions are post-tax (deducted from your net pay).
  • If I elect Payroll Deduction, how frequently will my payroll be deducted?
    • Your monthly rent will be deducted on a weekly or biweekly payroll schedule depending upon your employer:
      • NYP West Campus: Weekly or Biweekly rental payroll deductions
      • NYP East Campus: Biweekly rental payroll deductions
      • Weill Cornell: Biweekly rental payroll deductions
    • Residents on biweekly payroll deduction will have installments of 50% of your monthly rent deducted from 24 of 26 pay checks per year.
    • Residents on weekly payroll deduction will have installments of 25% of your monthly rent deducted from 48 of 52 pay checks per year.
  • Why hasn’t my Payroll Deduction started as of yet?
    • Payroll deduction commences during the succeeding month following your move in date. If you have any further questions, please contact the Leasing Office at (212) 305-2014.
  • Will I receive a rental statement?
    • All NYP employees who elect payroll deduction will not receive rental statements because your rent will automatically be paid in full providing there are sufficient funds available.
    • CUIMC paid employees and those electing billing will receive a rent bill on the first of every month.
  • Why was there a shortfall in my scheduled payroll deduction?
    • Rent is the last deduction to be made from the resident’s payroll. Prior to deducting rent, all other charges or benefits that the resident is obligated to pay are deducted.
  • What happens if the full amount of monthly rent is not deducted in any given month?
    • Residents are responsible to review their payroll statement to ensure that the rental deduction has been deducted in full.
    • If there is a rental shortfall, the resident is responsible to immediately remit payment. To contact the Finance office, please call: (212) 746-0059.
  • What happens if there is a change in my employment status?
    • Residents must notify the Leasing Office promptly upon any employment status change. (I.e.: leave of absence, termination, change in job title), you must provide the Leasing Office with the supporting documentation.
  • What can I expect when electing billing instead of payroll deduction?
    • Rental payments are to be remitted via personal check, money order or certified check made payable to Royal Charter Properties with the bottom portion of the rent bill in the return envelope provided.
    • Rent is due on the first of the month. A late fee of $100 will be assessed for any payment received after the 10th of the month.