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Providing housing, guest accomodations and parking to hospital staff, visitors and guests.

Frequently Asked Questions
Cornell - East Campus

Leasing Office Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is eligible for New York Presbyterian Hospital Housing?
    • Eligibility for RCP housing is dependent on being a full-time, salaried employee of NYP or a NYP affiliate. Priority is based on the need for that person to be housed in close proximity to NYP in furtherance of its core mission to provide high quality health care services.
  • Where are the Hospital Housing locations?
    • All residential buildings are within close proximity to both East and West Campuses.
  • Describe the residential buildings?
    • We have several types of residences within our housing portfolio.
      • Our East Campus portfolio is composed of 3 residential High-Rise concierge buildings, as well as several 5 –6 story walk-up buildings.
      • The West Campus portfolio is comprised of 20 Pre-War buildings, including both elevator and walk-ups.
  • Do all the buildings have laundry facilities?
    • The East Campus High-Rise buildings have laundry facilities; however select walk-up buildings do not.
    • All buildings on the West Campus have laundry facilities.
  • What size apartments do you have within your portfolio?
    • Apartment sizes vary from studio, one bedroom, two bedroom, three bedroom and four bedroom apartments on both the East and West Campuses.
  • What are the rental rates?
    • Rental rates are provided upon request from the Leasing Office.
  • How do I apply for housing?
    • An application is available at East and West Campus Leasing Offices, Monday-Friday, from 9:00AM –5:00PM. You can also submit your housing application online.
    • Applicant is required to provide documentation as to their employment status prior to being assigned to housing. (I.e.: copy of your hospital ID badge and payroll statement, if applicable your employment offer letter).
    • Application expires annually.
  • Can I share my apartment with a non-Hospital employee?
    • Yes. Nevertheless, only the Hospital Employee will be the Licensee and recognized as the legal resident of record.
  • Are the apartments furnished?
    • No, however kitchen appliances are provided.
  • Can I schedule an appointment to view an apartment?
    • Yes, please contact the Leasing Office to schedule an apartment showing, please note the following contact numbers:
  • Can I move in anytime during the month?
    • Yes, please confirm your request with the Leasing Office.
  • What is the License Agreement term?
    • All license agreements are for a one year term and automatically renewed annually for an additional term.
  • What is required to secure an apartment?
    • A security deposit equal to 100% of your monthly rental rate is required in order to secure a hold once you select an apartment. Funds must be paid by certified cashier’s checks or money orders.
  • What funds do I need to provide prior to move in?
    • Security Deposit: The security deposit equal to 100% of the monthly rental rate.
    • Pro-Rated Rent: Prior to possession of your unit, you are required to submit payment for (1) the pro-rated rent due for the days remaining within the calendar month of move-in and (2) the monthly rent for the next full calendar month.
  • How do I pay my rent?
    • All NYP/WC hospital employees are eligible to enroll in payroll deduction.
    • CUMC paid employees must be on direct billing due to system compatibility.
  • How do I set up my utility accounts?
    • Resident is responsible to establish all utility accounts such as electricity, cable and internet.
    • All of our buildings are cable ready with several providers; the Leasing Office will provide you with the contact information for our concierge service.
  • Can I paint my apartment an alternate color?
    • If a resident chooses to paint any portion of the apartment in any other color than the color provided, the resident must restore the apartment back to the original color prior to surrendering the apartment. If the resident fails to do so, a fee will be applied for the apartment restoration.