Physician Services

Spine Care

Our interventional spine physicians treat a wide variety of spine conditions, from the neck to the lower back, using a holistic, individualized approach. They aim to improve your quality of life using a collaborative and patient-centric approach to help you achieve your goals.

Our physicians formulate a safe plan based on the latest evidence. Treatment may range from the creation of an individualized home exercise regimen to advanced image guided spinal procedures.

Our interventional spine physicians are fellowship-trained in interventional spine procedures and work closely with physical and occupational therapists, your referring doctor, spine surgeons, anesthesiologists, and radiologists to provide some of the most collaborative interdisciplinary spine care in the country.

Interventional spine procedures are offered on the main hospital campus at New York-Presbyterian Queens in Flushing, as well as in the outpatient office in Long Island City.

Sports Medicine

Our sports medicine physicians are experts at helping athletes of all levels get back to sports and people of all ages back to doing the activities they love.

Our doctors have received advanced training in sports and musculoskeletal medicine and use the newest and best evidence-based options to provide comprehensive non-surgical treatment options. They work with you to help you understand the cause of your pain or injury, personally guide your recovery, and develop preventative strategies.

Our team of sports medicine doctors also provides a range of treatment options ranging from one-on-one education and discussing injury prevention to targeted medication injections using an ultrasound machine and cutting-edge regenerative medicine options such as platelet-rich plasma or “PRP”.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Physiatrists, also called Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) physicians, are doctors who treat medical conditions that can cause pain or limit function. A physiatrist provides a full spectrum of care ranging from diagnosis to treatment with medications or injections if needed to rehabilitation for maximizing function and optimizing quality of life. The range of issues physiatrists treat are very broad, ranging from arthritis pain to joint issues to balance problems.

Cancer Rehabilitation

A cancer physiatrist is trained to help patients with the physical, psychological, and cognitive challenges that can arise from cancer or its treatments. Our highly trained cancer physiatrists work with you and your entire cancer care team during treatment, follow-up care, and throughout survivorship to develop your individualized treatment plan, including a thorough review of your prior medical, surgical, and radiation treatments. The treatment plan ranges from helping with dietary choices, coordinating therapy, or even providing medications or injections if needed for pain relief.

Neuro Rehabilitation

Injury to the nervous system, like in a stroke, or progressive neurologic diseases like multiple sclerosis, may cause symptoms such as weakness, muscle stiffness or “spasticity,” pain, balance issues, memory and thinking issues, or problems with communication. Our neurorehabilitation physicians tailor their treatment to what is affecting you the most, including collaboration with a specialized therapy team, medications, assistive devices to help your mobility, spasticity treatment, including botulinum toxin (botox) injections, and evidence-based, complementary, and alternative treatments to complement the treatments you receive from your neurologist.