Congenital Heart Outcomes Report

2017 Outcomes Report for Congenital Heart Center

Outcomes 2013-2016

Valve Repair

A valve repair is more complicated surgery than a valve replace, but the advantage is that patients retain their own valve. And in young patients, the repaired valve grows with the child as he or she gets older.

Our pediatric heart surgeons have pioneered many of the innovative surgical techniques used today to treat heart valve disease in children

image of ebstein's malformation

Cone repair for Ebstein’s malformation

Pediatric and congenital heart surgeons at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital have published extensively on pediatric heart valve surgery and have pioneered many of the valvuloplasty techniques used today to repair conditions such as:

  • Ebstein’s anomaly

  • aortic valve disease

  • congenital mitral valve disease

closeup of surgeons during surgery