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Innovative Pediatric Neurosurgery

If your child has a serious or complex neurological condition that requires surgery, expertise matters. The pediatric neurosurgery team at NewYork-Presbyterian has the knowledge and experience your family needs.

NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital’s pioneering pediatric neurosurgery program brings together specialists from world-class institutions, Columbia University and Weill Cornell Medicine, providing an unprecedented center of excellence. Together with a multidisciplinary care team, our nationally recognized neurosurgical specialists work collaboratively to offer children and their families’ better access to specialized clinical care and groundbreaking clinical research projects. We employ the most cutting edge technologies and services to expedite comprehensive care, from diagnosis and monitoring to treatment. As the largest health care system in the tri-state area, we can connect our patients to providers in more than 100 specialties and subspecialties, providing the support patients and their families need and ensuring a smooth transition from pediatric to adult care.

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Our Team

Multidisciplinary Pediatric Neurosurgery Care from a World-Class Team

NewYork-Presbyterian’s pediatric neurosurgeons are internationally recognized for the diagnosis and treatment of neurosurgical diseases and disorders in children. As physicians affiliated with dedicated children’s hospitals, they collaborate with pediatric specialists in every field of medicine and surgery as needed. In addition to neurosurgeons, our pediatric team includes child neurologists and neuroradiologists, anesthesiologists, plastic surgeons, neuropathology, nurses, child life advocates and social workers specially trained to work with children. Our pediatric neurosurgeons and neurologists are actively involved in research to improve treatments for epilepsy, brain tumors, and other disorders that affect neurological function in children of all ages, from newborns to young adults.

Our Approach to Care

Comprehensive Pediatric Neurosurgery Care  

NewYork-Presbyterian’s pediatric neurosurgeons know that caring for children requires an approach that includes an understanding of the child’s perspective and the emotional toll taken on families with a sick child. These compassionate physicians consider the family’s needs throughout the care of their young patients, from diagnosis and treatment to recovery and follow-up into adulthood.

The neurosurgery team uses the latest imaging tests and other diagnostic services available to pinpoint the cause of a child’s symptoms. For some children, the diagnosis is made based on a genetic test. Our children’s hospitals are home to internationally known medical genetics departments staffed by experts who can explain a child's genetic test results and what they mean for their care and for their family.

Depending on the diagnosis, care could include one or more of the following surgical approaches:

  • Surgery with precision: Our neurosurgeons are highly experienced in advanced surgical techniques to treat brain and spinal tumors, craniofacial deformities, spasticity, epilepsy, tuberous sclerosis, and complex spinal deformities. We use the latest mapping and monitoring techniques to plan surgery to ensure the best outcomes while minimizing risk.
  • Minimally invasive surgery: Our neurosurgeons are able to utilize minimally invasive approaches to surgery in most of our pediatric patients, resulting in smaller incisions, less pain after surgery, less scarring, and a faster recovery. Our neurosurgeons are exceptionally skilled at endoscopic procedures for the treatment of hydrocephalus, intracranial cysts, certain brain tumors, and some spinal disorders.
  • Critical care for children: Our Pediatric Neuro ICUs provide specialized care around the clock to infants, children, and adolescents with life-threatening neurological illnesses and injuries, as well as those recovering from major or high-risk neurological surgery.


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Care After Surgery

Like many adults, children who have been through neurosurgical treatment may require physical or speech therapy, and our neurosurgeons work closely with those providers to ensure optimal recovery. Some may benefit from cognitive remediation to strengthen their learning skills as well as other therapies to help them cope with their experiences. We offer comprehensive care that includes on-staff neuropsychologists specially trained in helping children bounce back from their conditions and treatments.

Investigational Treatments

Our pediatric neurosurgeons lead and participate in clinical trials of new treatments, which are made available to patients as appropriate. They also conduct basic research to advance the understanding of neurological disorders that affect children. Their goal is to offer children promising new therapies.


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