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Clinical Evaluation and Risk Assessment

Genetic testing, the analysis of a person’s genes, can help understand the root cause of neurological symptoms. Testing can also identify risks for other family members, and future pregnancies. At NewYork-Presbyterian, our experienced and compassionate clinical genetics specialists provide compassionate genetic counseling and formulate a care plan tailored to your unique needs.

Early Diagnosis and Collaborative Care

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At your initial visit to our neurogenetics clinic, a genetic counselor and research associate will meet with you and your child to obtain a comprehensive personal and family history. A physician from our team will perform a thorough neurologic and physical exam. We offer comprehensive genetic testing that may include specialized genetic panels, whole-exome sequencing, whole-genome sequencing, and parental testing. Blood draws are performed on-site at the time of the visit. 

Through NewYork-Presbyterian’s unique programs and vast resources, infants and children with rare or undiagnosed neurologic diseases receive comprehensive diagnostic services and cutting-edge treatment. When appropriate, we identify research studies for which patients may qualify to understand their condition better or access new treatments in clinical trials.

Specialized, Multidisciplinary Programs for Neurogenetic Disorders

Our specialized, multidisciplinary programs for neurogenetic disorders include:

  • The NewYork-Presbyterian Department of Neurology & Neurosurgery’s Craniofacial Program includes geneticists and genetic counselors as well as plastic surgeons, maxillofacial surgeons, otolaryngologists, dentists, occupational therapists, and speech therapists.
  • We offer multidisciplinary approaches to inherited metabolic diseases, many of them detected through state-mandated newborn screening programs. These infants, children, and adults are cared for through the NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia Inherited Metabolic Disease Program.
  • Infants and children with rare and undiagnosed neurologic diseases receive comprehensive diagnostic services and cutting-edge treatment through the NewYork-Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital DISCOVER and NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia TREATMENT programs.

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