Noninvasive Cardiology


Noninvasive Cardiology
(Diagnostic Testing)

Pediatric Exercise Testing

Types of exercise testing

Exercise tests are conducted by an expert in exercise physiology. They are designed to provoke previously observed symptoms (such as chest pain or shortness of breath) in a controlled testing environment and evaluate how your child responds to exercise. NewYork-Presbyterian offers the following types of pediatric exercise testing:

  1. Cardiovascular Stress Test:  An exercise evaluation using a treadmill. A heart rate monitor will record the heart rate and rhythm throughout the study. Your child's blood pressure and oxygen levels will also be monitored.
  2. Cardiopulmonary Exercise Test: An exercise evaluation is performed using a treadmill or stationary bicycle. A heart rate monitor with help evaluate the heart rate and rhythm. There is also a mask that the child will breath into that records the oxygen and carbon dioxide levels in each breath. The child’s blood oxygen levels and blood pressure will be monitored as well. A lung function test will be performed both before and after exercise.
  3. Exercise-Induced Asthma Challenge: An exercise evaluation is performed using a treadmill. A lung function test is measured both before and after the test to determine if your child has exercise-induced asthma.
  4. Six Minute Walk Test: This test does not use any exercise equipment. This is a walking test that is performed to observe how far a child can walk in six minutes. The oxygen levels and heart rate will also be monitored.

For referrals

  • For Epic Orders please add the order Stress 61: “Cardiopulmonary Stress Test with Gas Exchange”
    • Select appropriate test and location.
  • If this is coming from an outside provider or patient, please call numbers listed below.

Weill Cornell: [email protected]

Columbia: [email protected]

 Weill CornellColumbia

Komansky Children’s Hospital

6th Floor, Room F677

525 East 68th Street
New York, NY 10065

Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital
7th Floor, Room 711
3959 Broadway
New York, NY 10032
ContactT: 212-746-3561
F: 212-746-8373
Email: [email protected]

T: 212-305-2446

Email: [email protected]

  • Justin Pick, MD
  • Denis Donovan, MD
  • Aimee Layton, PhD, RCEP
  1. Enter the main hospital building at 525 East 68th Street.
  2. Proceed to the Greenberg Pavillion “G” elevators and take them to the 6th floor.
  3. Make a left out of the elevator bank and proceed to room F677.
  4. The entrance to the cardiology reception is on your left.
  1. Check in on the 1st Floor, Room 100
  2. Following check in, take the Central elevators to the 7th Floor
  3. Check in again with the Front Desk Staff on the 7th floor for your exercise test.
  • If you would like to reschedule your appointment,
  • please call 212-746-3561 for Weill Cornell or 212-305-2446 for Columbia
  • Please also contact us to reschedule the appointment if you have any fevers, cough, or any other acute illness
What to wear
  • Patients should wear loose fitting, exercise clothing.
  • Sneakers are required. No flip flops, crocs, heels.
  • If your child is not dressed appropriately, the appointment will be cancelled.
  • Normal medication should be taken unless instructed otherwise by a referring physician.
  • No food within two hours of testing to avoid cramping. Water is okay.
Expected Time
  • Allot for 90 minutes; likely the test will take less time. This gives time for set up, testing, and recovery.

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