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How These Simple Static Exercises Can Improve Cardiovascular Health

A sports medicine expert explains how isometric exercises can be easily incorporated into daily routines — and make a big difference in people’s health. Read more

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Is Sugar Better for You Than Artificial Sweeteners?

An endocrinologist breaks down the differences between sugar and other sweeteners, including how to decide which option is healthier for you. Read more

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Conquering New Heights: A Father and Son Celebrate a 20-Year Transplant Anniversary

When Ethan Glaser needed a liver transplant as a toddler, his father, Chad, stepped up to become his living donor. Twenty years later, Ethan is thriving, and they marked the anniversary of the transplant with a trip to remember.
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What is Ashwagandha?

An expert explains the potential benefits of the popular herb typically used in Ayurvedic medicine to reduce stress, fatigue, and anxiety.
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How to Eat More Fiber — and Why You Should

A gastroenterologist shares the importance of fiber in a healthy diet and ways to make sure you're getting enough.
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Ashwagandha root and powder