Research is vital to the improved understanding of brain tumor biology, the development of new treatment, and longer and better lives for our patients. This includes basic science research in laboratories, retrospective clinical studies, and most importantly therapeutic clinical trials informed and driven by translational science. We strive to have a clinical trial opportunity for every patient at every visit including newly diagnosed glioblastoma, recurrent or progressive disease, treatment for related tumor types, as well as registry and quality of life studies.

The portfolio of clinical trials is ever changing and evolves with the state of the existing science. We offer cutting-edge studies including surgical studies such as convection-enhanced delivery through an implantable pump (J. Bruce, principal investigator); adenovirus based therapies (R. Ramakrishna, principal investigator); dietary modification (H. Fine, principal investigator also to accrue at the Columbia campus); immunotherapy (F. Iwamoto, principal investigator); and precision medicine such as a phase III randomized placebo-controlled of EGFR antibody drug conjugate (A. Lassman, principal investigator) that, if positive, would be practice changing.

We also lead and participate in studies conducted nationally and funded by the National Institutes of Health. We also maintain robust brain tumor banks.

To learn more about on-going research and clinical trials, please visit the following resources: