Our Expertise

Diagnosing And Treating Cerebral Aneurysms Early And Effectively

A cerebral aneurysm - a bulge in the wall of a brain artery - can be life-threatening if it ruptures and bleeding occurs in the brain. A ruptured aneurysm can cause a stroke. If you or a loved one has a brain aneurysm, NewYork-Presbyterian has one of the most experienced teams of neurosurgeons, neurologists, neurocritical care specialists, and neuroradiologists available. Our hospital is a recognized leader in brain aneurysm treatment and research.

  • Exceptional Experience: Our hospital is the busiest center in the Tri-State area for the repair of brain aneurysms. The more experience a team has, the better the chance of a successful recovery.
  • A Leading Center for Patient Transfers: Many patients are transferred from other hospitals to our centers because we provide advanced care for the diagnosis and treatment of brain aneurysms that is not available in many other hospitals. Physicians wishing to transfer a patient may call 1-800-NYP-STAT (1-800-697-7828), 24/7, to arrange for a transfer.
  • Team Care: We have specially trained neurologists, neurosurgeons, neurocritical care specialists, and nurses onsite 24/7 who work together as a team to care for people with aneurysms.
  • Advanced Treatment: We use the latest technologies to diagnose and treat cerebral aneurysms accurately and effectively, including specialized monitoring and minimally invasive surgery.
  • Neuro-ICUs: Our Neurological Intensive Care Units (Neuro-ICUs) provide monitoring around the clock and specialized treatment for our most critically ill patients. Our Neuro-ICUs are among the few in the world with dedicated scanners within each unit, enabling us to perform immediate imaging of the brain.
  • Early Rehabilitation: We integrate rehabilitation as early as possible into the care of our patients who need it, using state-of-the-art treatments not widely available at other centers in the New York metropolitan area.
  • Clinical Trials: Our investigators participate in clinical trials to improve aneurysm care. You may have the opportunity to participate in a clinical trial of a promising new treatment.