How We Treat Neurological Autoimmune Disorders

Reducing Symptoms, Improving Quality of Life

Medical Therapies

While there is no cure for immune-related nervous system disorders, we offer treatments to control your symptoms and reduce your risk of relapse. Treatment may include:

  • Steroids such as prednisone to control inflammation and swelling.
  • Plasmapheresis for neuromyelitis optica and other demyelinating diseases, a technique that removes the harmful antibodies from your blood.
  • Medications for neuromyelitis optica may include rituximab (Rituxan®) and azathioprine (Imuran®).
  • Medications specifically for multiple sclerosis which modify the course of the disease  or help reduce symptoms such as problems walking.


Through our rehabilitation program, our physical and occupational therapists can help you:

  • Improve your strength, mobility, balance, and posture.
  • Manage your fatigue and pain.
  • Maintain the skills you need to have a good work and home life.

Neuropsychological Testing

By including specialty neuropsychological testing in our evaluation, we provide comprehensive care for people with multiple sclerosis and other inflammatory diseases of the central nervous system. Through this testing, we:

  • Establish a baseline assessment quantifying your neuropsychological/cognitive status, and we repeat the testing periodically to assess any cognitive decline, improvement, or stability.
  • Identify additional factors contributing to cognitive dysfunction in people with multiple sclerosis.