Nursing and Patient Care Services

Mission, Vision and Philosophy of Care


The mission of the Department of Nursing at NewYork-Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital is to provide the highest quality patient-centered care by promoting a culture of caring, empathy and safety; educating our patients and families utilizing evidence-based practice; and promoting professional nursing development and advancement.


Our vision is to be one of the nation's leaders in nursing practice; quality, safety and outcomes; research; education; and service excellence.

Philosophy of Care

The philosophy of nursing at Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital is driven by NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital's vision and strategic goals, and the Department of Nursing goals and values. It encompasses the intent of the American Nurses Association (ANA) Code of Ethics for Nurses, ANA Standards of Practice, the New York State Nurse Practice Act and regulatory standards, while keeping pace with the changing health care market.

Our philosophy recognizes that nursing care is organized around the needs of the patient, that quality outcomes and patient satisfaction are measures of the delivery system, and that the multidisciplinary team approach is fundamental to the practice model.

The Department of Nursing supports professional nursing practice within the specialized departments or specialties and wherever nursing is practiced within NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital. The professional nursing practice at Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital ensures that:

  • The nurse assesses the patient and family for specific care needs to meet optimal outcomes.
  • The nurse identifies the amount, degree and level of nursing care needed to achieve those outcomes and manages the nursing resources to meet those needs.
  • The nurse recognizes the contributions of other disciplines as an integral part of patient care delivery.
  • The nurse provides every patient and family with complete and understandable information about care and aftercare through individual contracts, group programs and multimedia materials.

The Department of Nursing is service oriented and strives to meet the needs of patients across the continuum of care in a culturally sensitive manner by assessing, planning, and communicating those needs to patients, families, and other professionals. This approach is holistic in scope and respectful of patients' rights. It allows for the sharing of information, which fosters patient participation in decision-making.

The Department of Nursing cultivates a climate in which staff matures professionally in the pursuit of advancement and excellence in nursing practice. We offer learning experiences and provide role models to nursing students at all levels. On site education for staff is supported through staff development and accredited continuing education programs.

Inherent in this philosophy is recognition of the needs of the community by nursing's involvement in strategic planning efforts and participation in program development. It also recognizes the need for nurses to speak on community and professional issues that are within their field of competence or interest and to assist in promoting public involvement in health by defining and clarifying issues.

The Department of Nursing remains committed to maintaining a collaborative multidisciplinary relationship with other health and administrative professionals. Provisions are made for the collection and evaluation of data and the development of interdisciplinary performance improvement processes in the belief that systematic inquiry will lead to improved care, efficient use of nursing time and resources, and positive patient outcomes.