Supporting Your Family

Pediatric Ethics Committee

The hospital is dedicated to providing family-centered medically indicated health care while ensuring the preservation of each family's and patient's right to self-determination. To assist the healthcare system in establishing and maintaining an ethical environment, the hospital has established a multidisciplinary Ethics Committee to provide a forum for consideration and discussion of the ethical aspects of medical practice, healthcare delivery, and organizational responsibility. The Ethics Committee is available to physicians, patients, and families to provide counsel on such critical issues as ventilator use, feeding tubes, and dialysis. When medical, ethical and legal issues arise, Patient Services provides the link for an ethics consult. If you would like more information about the role of the Ethics Committee, you can speak with a nurse, physician, social worker, chaplain or a representative from patient relations.

Weekdays, 8 am - 5 pm, contact:
John M. Driscoll, Jr.,MD
[email protected]
(201) 262-0324

Vice Chairman
Mary Tresgallo, DNP
[email protected]
(914) 262-3174

Evenings, Weekends, and Holidays:
Ask your nurse to contact the Pediatric Ethics Committee ethicist-on-call, or view the schedule at the website address above.