Breast Surgery

Advances in breast surgery, including the use minimally invasive surgical techniques, are improving the way we treat breast cancer. Our breast surgeons are dedicated to the treatment and recovery of patients with breast cancer.

Our team of specialists provide multidisciplinary care and offer the latest approaches to breast surgery, including:

  • Oncoplastic lumpectomy, a breast tumor removal technique where the breast is left intact to achieve better cosmetic outcomes.
  • Skin-sparing mastectomy, which removes internal breast tissue and inserts an implant, but leaves the patient’s skin intact. 
  • Nipple-preserving mastectomy, (an option for women whose breast cancer has not invaded nipple tissue) which removes internal breast tissue and inserts an implant, but preserves the breast skin and nipple. 
  • Sentinel node biopsy and axillary lymph node removal, an approach that examines lymph nodes surrounding the tumor site to see if cancer has spread past the breast.
  • Surgery for recurrent breast disease

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