Whether they are needed for diagnostics or treatment, NewYork-Presbyterian/Lower Manhattan Hospital's array of radiology services play a critical role in patient care and wellness. Our radiological expertise can support an accurate diagnosis, determine if a patient requires surgery, or be used during interventional therapies. From progressive imaging for the improved detection of breast conditions to ultrasound-guided biopsies, our comprehensive radiological services give physicians and patients the information needed for optimal patient care. These services include:

  • General diagnostic imaging
  • Bone density
  • digital mammography
  • Magnetic resonance imaging
  • Nuclear medicine scanning
  • Ultrasonography

In addition to certification by the American Board of Radiology, all of the on-site radiologists at NewYork-Presbyterian/Lower Manhattan Hospital are fellowship trained in various subspecialties. Two are breast imaging specialists, one is a neuroradiologist, and another specializes in musculoskeletal and abdominopelvic MRI.

All NewYork-Presbyterian/Lower Manhattan Hospital physicians are on the faculty of Weill Cornell Medical College. Within the familiar setting of their community hospital, patients experience a level of care found in a leading academic medical center.

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