Pain Medicine

NewYork-Presbyterian Lower Manhattan Hospital

Pain Medicine

Acute Pain

If you are a patient in the Hospital and experience pain, immediately tell your doctor or nurse.

You can expect:

  • Your reports of pain will be believed and will be responded to promptly
  • You will receive information about pain relief measures
  • You will receive treatment by concerned specialists dedicated to pain prevention and management

In turn, as a patient, your healthcare team will expect you to:

  • Ask your healthcare providers what to expect regarding pain and its management.
  • Discuss pain relief treatments with your doctors and nurses, and work with them to create a pain relief plan.
  • Ask for pain relief medications when pain first begins./li>
  • Help the doctors and nurses determine how bad your pain is and inform them about any pain that will not go away.

You may also wish to speak to medical specialists from the Department of Anesthesia before or after you have any inpatient or outpatient procedure at the Hospital. The Department of Anesthesia is responsible for ensuring our patients' safety and comfort during both inpatient and ambulatory procedures. The Department of Anesthesia is also responsible for the provision of acute pain services for those patients who need assistance controlling their pain postoperatively.

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