Community Feedback

Letter - Acroarte

Letter - Instituto Duartino De Los Estados Unidos, Inc.

Letter - Maria A. Luna

Letter - PALANTE Harlem (People Against Landlord Abuse & Tenant Eploitation)

Letter - Trazarte

ACROARTE supports the building project and says,

NYPH is an important part of this neighborhood. They support our families with excellent quality health care, jobs, community programs and services.

Maria Luna, a long-time resident of Washington Heights says,

I believe this project will bring benefits to the neighborhood in many ways. Instead of a community with empty buildings and empty storefronts, this new building will offer housing to employees who want to live in this neighborhood, and a place to stay for hospital patients facing medical problems and their family members.

Palante Harlem says,

We are hopeful that by providing employee housing, it will alleviate pressure on the community.

As planning for the project progresses, NewYork-Presbyterian will continue to keep the community updated. Please feel free to send any comments, questions or concerns to the NYP Office of Government and Community Affairs at [email protected].