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Delivering Your Baby

When you arrive to have your baby at NewYork-Presbyterian Lawrence Hospital, you will be escorted to one of our


private labor-delivery-recovery suites. With its comfortable, home-like feel, each room also features state-of-the-art monitoring and technological systems—all hidden in the room’s design.

Your Delivery Support Team

Your family can be involved as much or as little as desired during the childbirth process. Working with your physician, a nursing professional specializing in labor and delivery will support, monitor, and assist you during the process.

Wireless Labor Monitoring

We offer all maternity patients wireless fetal monitoring while you are in labor. Two stickers attached to your abdomen communicate data via Bluetooth technology, enabling you to move around during labor. The wireless sensors are even waterproof.

Round-the-Clock Anesthesia

Anesthesia is available 24/7, including epidurals during labor which you can control yourself with the touch of a button (“patient-controlled anesthesia”). There is always an obstetric anesthesiologist in the hospital.

Aromatherapy and Reiki for Relaxation

Our maternity nurses are training in Reiki, a technique that involves a gentle laying on the hands-on or just over the body, as well as aromatherapy, to promote relaxation during labor.

In Case of a Cesarean Delivery

If you need a Cesarean delivery, two operating rooms specifically designated for this procedure are located on our maternity unit, with a separate recovery room for maternity patients only. We have worked to reduce Cesarean birth rates in recent years and support vaginal birth after Cesarean birth as well.

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