The Family Advisory Council (FAC) is a group of dedicated parents and family members of pediatric patients who are committed to working with Komansky Children's Hospital staff and administration to provide family-centered care to all Komansky Center patients. Formed as part of Komansky Children's Hospital family-centered care mission, the Komansky Center Family Advisory Council seeks to promote communication between families and staff to improve the delivery of care in the hospital. The FAC works to ensure a child’s stay is as comfortable as possible by improving patient services and providing families with the information and guidance they need to care for their children with confidence.

All parent members of the Family Advisory Council are official Hospital volunteers and are a resource for patients and their families when they are on the units. You should always feel welcome to ask Family Advisory Council volunteer for help, guidance, or direction while your child is a patient at Komansky Children's Hospital.

To learn more about the activities of the Family Advisory Council, how to become a member, or how to participate in its many programs, please visit the Family Advisory Council web page.