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Magnet Nursing: The Gold Standard of patient care for you and your family

What does Magnet Nursing mean to you? It means that you are getting the very best care from some of the most highly trained nurses in the nation. NewYork-Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital was the first hospital in the region to hold this distinction and the only hospital to be designated twice. In fact, less than 7 percent of hospitals nationwide have the Magnet designation. That’s because The American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Magnet Award goes to only those hospitals that go through a rigorous credentialing process and meet some of the highest standards in training and nursing.

The Magnet nurses are valued members of the team, helping to shape patient care. That’s why NewYork-Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital attracts and retains exceptional nurses. That’s good news for you because it means that you and your family receive the best care. Patients agree. In patient satisfaction ratings, our nurses consistently score above the 90th percentile when it comes to friendliness, courtesy and competency.

A Professional Practice Model (PPM) describes how nurses practice, collaborate, communicate and develop professionally. It is a framework that defines what is valued by nurses at NewYork-Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital.

Heart with a stethoscope around it and hands underneath it

Professional Practice Model

NewYork-Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital Nursing Mission Statement

The essence of NewYork-Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital’s nursing practice is our high quality of caring, compassion, and teamwork that embraces the patient, family and community as a whole.

NewYork-Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital Nursing Vision Statement

The vision of nursing at NewYork-Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital is to facilitate healing utilizing technology and evidence-based practice.

NYP Hudson Valley Hospital Nursing Values


We strongly believe in caring for the patient, the family, and the community with open hands and hearts, while being attentive, non-judgmental, comforting, patient, respectful, and sensitive.


We believe in treating each patient within the context of his or her family and community, and respecting each individual’s cultural and religious beliefs. Protecting the patient from harm, teaching patients, relieving pain, and promoting wellness through a holistic approach, are the hallmarks of compassion. We are open to the human connection, remaining supportive of the patient and family from birth to the end of life.


Teamwork is evident in our nursing practice. We believe working together every day will allow us to achieve patient-centered goals, and is the best way to ensure optimal patient outcomes.


We strive to provide exceptional care through an interprofessional team-approach that focuses on open conversation and shared decision making.


We believe that it is essential to empower ourselves in our clinical practice. This is accomplished through education in best practices and a commitment to life-long learning. Active participation in shared governance forums allows us to maintain an autonomous, responsible professional practice.

NYP Hudson Valley Hospital Key Components of the Professional Practice Model

Our Theoretical Framework: Philosophy of Caring

Nursing is all about caring. We care for our patients, we care for ourselves, and we care for each other. We care for our patients in many ways. Our stethoscope symbolizes our diligent assessment and care of the patient’s physical condition, while our hearts are open to their emotional, spiritual, and cultural needs. Our hands represent our ability to grow and change so that we can provide the comfort that our patients and our community need. Caring extends to ourselves and each other.

Quality and Safety

Nurses at NewYork-Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital strive to improve patient safety by promoting quality in nursing care. Quality improvement comes in many forms: advocacy, research, collaboration, and a commitment to continuously improving nursing practice.


At NewYork-Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital transformational leadership occurs in all settings and the nurses actively participate in organizational decision-making through shared governance councils, committees and task forces.

Nurses move in and out of the roles of leader and follower as the needs arises, helping each other to advance nursing practice and grow to fulfill his/her individual and collective potential.

Exemplary Professional Practice

Nurses at NewYork-Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital view nursing as both an art and a science.

As scientists, we engage in evidence-based practices and research development utilizing the resource of our Research Council. We critically view our practice, analyze potential and real problems, and seek new information to apply to practice. We monitor the outcomes and revise our care as needed.

As artists, we are reflective in our practice and incorporate personal insights gained from our nursing practice and experience. We are centered on the human interaction that occurs when scientific competence combines with a moral and ethical component. Our personalized care is the heart of our practice.

Nurses: Find out more about how you can work at our award-winning Magnet hospital.