About Heart Care

NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital provides world-renowned cardiovascular care for adults and children with heart diseases and disorders.

We welcome and successfully treat some of the highest risk cases in the world. In fact, many patients who cannot be helped elsewhere come here, where every patient receives the advanced, comprehensive care.

As a major academic medical center, our physicians are leading and participating in multicenter clinical trials which have been improving treatment for heart disease. For example, NYP physicians led the major studies supporting the effectiveness of a catheter-based approach to aortic valve stenosis.

Dedicated Centers

Patients who come to NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital for their heart disease treatment receive compassionate and holistic care, generally at one of our dedicated heart centers:

Heart Transplants

The Heart Transplant Program at NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia, one of the first in the nation, has consistently been among the most active programs in the United States. Established in 1977, NewYork-Presbyterian has performed more heart transplants than any other hospital in the country.

Cardiac Rehab

And when treatment is completed, the Cardiac Health Center of NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital provides personalized exercise training, nutritional education, and stress management to help patients regain their function and return to their daily activities.


NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital is also committed to preventing heart problems in individuals at risk – such as people with diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol, as well as smokers and obese individuals – by helping them adopt healthier lifestyle choices.

The Preventive Cardiology Program, a joint program of NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia and NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell, supports patient care, education, research, and community and corporate outreach efforts to reduce the burden of cardiovascular disease and to promote heart health. Programs offer individualized treatment plans using a range of modalities, from psychotherapy, to physician-monitored exercise plans, to education and counseling in nutrition, stress and anger management, and smoking cessation.



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