NewYork-Presbyterian’s children’s programs attract patients and families from around the world who are drawn to our world-class pediatric medical and surgical expertise. We treat children of all ages with every type of disease, from the tiniest newborns to adolescents approaching young adulthood.

Two Hospitals Just for Children

We provide pediatric care in every area of medicine at NewYork-Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital and NewYork-Presbyterian Komansky Children’s Hospital. These hospitals are affiliated with two prestigious Ivy League medical schools: Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons and Weill Cornell Medicine. Together, they offer the best care in every area of pediatrics — including the most complex newborn and critical care, and all areas of pediatric surgery — in a family-friendly and technologically advanced setting.

Every Specialist Your Child May Need

Pediatric disorders and diseases may be complex, and young patients may need a variety of doctors from different fields to meet their needs.  Our teams include pediatric specialists and subspecialists from every field who provide care based on the latest research advances. Our teams include every healthcare provider a child may need, including medical doctors, surgeons, nurses and nurse practitioners, social workers, psychologists, nutritionists, physical and occupational therapists, respiratory therapists, and others with the skills and compassion to care for children.

An International Reputation for Complex Surgery

Patients come to us from across the country and around the world for our international reputation for excellence in pediatric surgery. Our surgeons are known for treating children whose surgical issues were considered too complex by other hospitals. We are a major referral center for challenging operations such as genitourinary reconstruction, heart surgery, neurosurgery, spine and other orthopedic surgeries (including scoliosis), cancer surgery, organ transplantation, liver surgery, ear/nose/throat procedures, and pediatric trauma care. Our pediatric plastic and reconstructive surgeons treat a wide spectrum of conditions, including craniofacial deformities, skin lesions, blood vessel malformations, scars, and burns. 

Excellence in Pediatric Heart Care

The NewYork-Presbyterian Congenital Heart Center is the largest referral center in New York State for babies born with congenital heart disease. Ours is one of the first and most preeminent pediatric cardiology and heart surgery centers in the country and one of the nation's major pediatric heart transplant centers. We have the highest survival rate in New York State for pediatric heart surgery, and one of the highest in the United States — even though our surgeons routinely treat some of the most complex cases. We offer prenatal diagnosis of congenital heart defects and in some cases treatment. Our heart surgeons are national leaders who perform more than 700 heart operations a year, including complex surgery in newborns with congenital heart defects, hybrid heart surgery, heart transplantation, and mechanical assist device implants. We have also achieved great success performing innovative heart catheterization procedures to treat congenital heart disease, pulmonary hypertension, and arrhythmias.

World-Class Pediatric Urology

NewYork-Presbyterian's pediatric urology specialists understand how urinary and genital disorders can affect your child and your family. We provide the most advanced and minimally invasive treatments for all urologic disorders, in children from birth through age 18, ranging from bed-wetting to complex urinary tract abnormalities. In many cases, we begin working with families before their baby is born, when urologic issues are identified on prenatal ultrasounds. Our surgeons are experts in the treatment of ambiguous genitalia, ectopic ureter, hydronephrosis, urologic obstructions, vesicoureteral reflux, abnormalities of the bladder and urethra, and other congenital urologic disorders. They are also experts in robotic surgery in children. Indeed, our hospitals include the busiest pediatric urologic robotics service in the New York metropolitan area.

Exceptional Orthopedic Care for Children

The pediatric orthopedic specialists of NewYork-Presbyterian have exceptional experience treating all types of orthopedic conditions in children of all ages. Our doctors have helped set the standards for the care of many childhood orthopedic conditions and influenced the techniques used today to restore mobility and function in young patients around the world. We provide surgical and nonsurgical treatment for clubfoot, leg length differences, tibial pseudoarthrosis, bone and soft tissue tumors, fractures, sports injuries, cerebral palsy, scoliosis, and neuromuscular disorders. We are especially known for our expertise treating early-onset scoliosis and have introduced less invasive approaches for treating these very young patients. In fact, more children's spine surgery is performed at NewYork-Presbyterian than any other hospital in New York. We were the first hospital in New York City to offer MAGEC growing rods for scoliosis: the surgical placement of special growing rods in a child's spine, which we adjust every few months afterward using a remote-controlled device applied to the outside of the child's back during a routine outpatient visit.

Advanced Care for Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders

Pediatric cancer specialists at NewYork-Presbyterian have special expertise in the treatment of children and adolescents with cancer that has come back despite prior therapies — offering complex pediatric cancer surgery and all other types of pediatric cancer treatment. Families come to us from all over the world for our care, including the treatment of leukemia, pediatric brain and spinal cord tumors, Hodgkin and cutaneous T-cell lymphomas, liver tumors, and Wilms tumor. We perform genetic analysis of tumor tissue at NYP Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital to identify the molecules driving the growth of each child's cancer, which helps our doctors choose the best treatment. Your child may have access to new therapies not available elsewhere through our clinical trials program. We have special programs focusing on noncancerous (benign) blood disorders in children, such as sickle cell disease, blood clotting disorders, thalassemias, and hemoglobinopathies. Our services also include stem cell transplantation for cancer, sickle cell disease, and hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis, using approaches that minimize side effects.

Superior Neurologic Care for Children

Our highly experienced pediatric neurologists and neurosurgeons work together to care for children with the full range of neurological diseases and disorders, from the most common to the rarest.  We have one of the most active pediatric epilepsy programs on the East Coast and have special expertise in the care of children with difficult-to-treat seizures — offering dedicated pediatric epilepsy monitoring, minimally invasive laser ablation, and surgery for children with seizures that cannot be controlled with medication. We provide comprehensive care and clinical trials of promising therapies for children with brain and spinal cord tumors, including complex brain tumors and benign disorders such as intracranial arachnoid cysts. We also have specialized programs for children with craniofacial deformities (offering surgery for cleft lip, cleft palate, and craniosynostosis), neurofibromatosis, spasticity and other movement disorders (performing selective dorsal rhizotomy), spinal muscular atrophy and muscular dystrophy, tuberous sclerosis, neuroimmune disorders, and Chiari malformation.

Transplantation of the Smallest Organs

NewYork-Presbyterian has one of the largest pediatric heart transplant programs in the United States and ranks in the nation's top five centers for pediatric heart transplantation. Indeed, the world's first successful pediatric heart transplant was performed at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in 1984 on a four-year-old boy with complex congenital heart disease. Since then, hundreds of children have received new hearts at NewYork-Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital. Our transplant surgeons also perform liver transplantation for children with biliary atresia and other serious liver diseases, specializing in living donor liver transplantation and removing donated liver tissue using minimally invasive surgery. Our transplantation specialists are also renowned for pediatric kidney transplantation, lung transplants for young patients with cystic fibrosis, and small bowel transplantation in children with short bowel syndrome.


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