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The NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital Alumni Association offers news and information for and about the Hospital's former residents and fellows, and serves as a valuable resource for the more than 10,000 practicing physicians who have the distinction of having trained at one of the country's preeminent academic medical centers.

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Since the inception of medical training at New York Hospital and Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, our former trainees have been able to look back with pride on their time at an institution that provides access to the clinical and research expertise necessary to pursue professional aspirations at the highest level. Our former residents and fellows play an important role in the growth and development of our Hospital, and have since gone on to serve at the forefront of the medical profession.

The Alumni Association allows our former residents and fellows the opportunity to connect with former classmates as well as professionals throughout the world who share the common experience of training at our institution. We encourage alumni to use this website not only to network with your colleagues, but also to share your thoughts on what we can do to facilitate an interactive membership.

We look forward to hearing from you and learning of the achievements and highlights of your career since graduation, as well as any comments or suggestions you might have for the NewYork-Presbyterian Alumni Association and enhancing our new website.