Chest Care

Services And Programs

Our Center features a Clinical Coordinator to help you access all of the components of your care. In most cases, you can meet the members of your treatment team in one day. Our aim is to make your care seamless so you can concentrate on one thing: getting better.

When creating a treatment plan, we try to choose therapies that are effective while helping you maintain your quality of life. For example, our experienced surgeons take a minimally invasive approach to surgery whenever possible. And our doctors consider your entire health picture when choosing medications to treat your disease.

NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia's respiratory therapists, physical therapists, and other rehabilitation professionals work closely with patients to help them resume their normal activities. Supportive care is also available to control symptoms and provide comfort to patients with advanced diseases. We also understand the importance of prevention, and offer services to help patients quit smoking.

Patients with diseases may have other health issues that require attention, such as cardiovascular disease. We can connect you with physicians in other departments at NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia whom you may need to see to manage these other health concerns.



NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia offers advanced multidisciplinary care through the following programs:

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