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Leukemia is a cancer of the blood. In acute leukemia, immature white blood cells grow rapidly, causing severe symptoms in a short time. In chronic leukemia, the abnormal cells grow more slowly, and in some cases, immediate treatment is not needed. Whether you've just been diagnosed with leukemia or are experiencing a relapse of your disease, NewYork-Presbyterian offers you comprehensive care for acute and chronic leukemias. Our ultimate goal is to find a cure for your disease.

Personalized Care

We know there are many types of leukemia, and we carefully assess your disease using the most advanced diagnostic techniques. Our teams of experienced physicians consider this information along with your overall health to put together a regimen of care that works best for you. We consider the type of leukemia you have and how quickly you need to start treatment. We explain your treatment options to you and your loved ones and give you time to share your opinion and preferences. We also offer specialized care with less-intensive treatments for older patients with leukemia.

Team Approach

At NewYork-Presbyterian, we provide care through a team approach — from diagnosis through survivorship. We work with specially trained pathologists, called hematopathologists, to provide an expert diagnosis. Following diagnosis, your care will be driven by our highly experienced hematology oncologists.

As treatment continues in or outside of the hospital, your team will also include oncology-trained nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and social workers. Depending on your needs, we can connect you with palliative care, psychiatry, and physicians from any other specialties. We approach your needs holistically and as a team — one of the many advantages of seeking cancer care at a world-renowned academic medical center.

Comprehensive Leukemia Treatments

You'll most likely receive chemotherapy or a targeted therapy (such as imatinib or dasatinib) for your leukemia, tailored to the type and stage of your cancer. If you have acute myeloid leukemia that has spread to your brain, we may treat you with radiation therapy in one of our modern radiation therapy units.

Exceptional Experience in Stem Cell Transplantation

For some people with leukemia that is at high risk to come back, has already come back, or can no longer be treated successfully with other therapies, stem cell transplantation may be an option. We perform more than 200 stem cell transplants a year. If your doctor recommends a transplant, you'll receive it from a team with an established track record in a hospital where all of your medical needs can be addressed. We have advanced transplant units offering individual monitoring and special airflow systems for patients with weakened immune systems. We also have special expertise in transplants from mismatched donors and offer approaches that reduce the risk of transplant-related complications.

Clinical Trials

We participate in clinical trials for all types of leukemia. These studies offer you access to investigational therapies that show promise for fighting your cancer. Scientists in our laboratories are also scrutinizing the intricacies of leukemia development and applying their findings to create better therapies. Learn More.

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