Support & Wellness

Support & Wellness

Complementary Clinical Care Program

The Complementary Clinical Care Program provides a range of holistic health services to patients at Weill Cornell Medicine, incluiding a range of surgical and transplant specialties. The Center for Advanced Digestive Care has partnered with this program to extend its services to patients with digestive diseases.

The Complementary Clinical Care Program includes the following elements:

  • Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster - Presented in workshop format, this addresses the concerns of patients preparing for surgery, radiation therapy or chemotherapy. The program includes relaxation techniques, healing statements and visualization, as well as developing a support network among friends and family. The Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster workshop follows guidelines established in the similarly-titled book by Peggy Huddleston, a renowned author and psychotherapist in this field.
  • Reiki - A hands-on healing practice that has been known to reduce pain and lessen anxiety.
  • Yoga -  Three aspects of yoga are practiced in the Complementary Clinical Care Program:
    • Yogic Breathing (Pranayama): A series of breathing exercises that can promote relaxation and deliver more oxygen to the body's vital systems.
    • Yoga Postures (Asanas): Adaptable to any level of fitness, age, or gender, a series of poses can help improve range of motion, posture, balance, coordination, and flexibility. It can also reduce anxiety and promote immune system function.
    • Meditation: Through contemplation and focusing of the mind, meditation can help reduce anxiety, improve brain function, and may have positive effects on the immune system.

These strategies areas are designed to supplement medical care at Weill Cornell by addressing the stressors surrounding medical care and promote healing. The program is continuously tracking multiple outcome measures to assess the success of the program,, and continues to explore new offerings.

For more information on the program, please contact Fran Conway, RN, RYT, Manager of the Complementary Clinical Care Program.