Patients & Visitors

Patients & Visitors

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I get to the Center for Advanced Digestive Care (CADC)?

The Center for Advanced Digestive Care is located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, easily accessible by public transportation. Click for complete directions.

Q. How does the Center differ from other digestive disease centers?

The Center for Advanced Digestive Care provides comprehensive, multidisciplinary, coordinated care - which means we take an interdepartmental team approach to treating digestive disease. Specialists across all clinical areas share ideas and develop a comprehensive treatment plan for every patient. Your appointments, diagnostic tests and care are all carefully coordinated by our specially trained clinical program coordinators and patient navigators.

Q. Does the Center for Advanced Digestive Care treat only advanced digestive disorders, as referenced in its title?

No. The Center treats the full range of digestive disorders and conditions, and offers services from routine colonoscopies to complex surgical procedures. Our clinicians apply the latest medical and surgical therapies, research and technologies to treat these diseases.

Q. Which digestive diseases are treated at the Center?

The Center treats virtually every digestive disease. Click to see a comprehensive list of our services.

Q. Does the Center treat adults and children?

Yes. In addition to adult care, the Center for Advanced Digestive Care provides services to children with digestive disorders primarily through NewYork-Presbyterian Komansky Children's Hospital, one of the nation's leading centers for the diagnosis and treatment of childhood diseases. Pediatric and adult specialists routinely collaborate on patient cases as dictated by the individual patient care plans. Click here for more information on our pediatric services.

Q. What is Transition Care?

Transition Care is a program to help pediatric patients initiate a pathway to self-sufficiency and assist them in taking charge of their condition as they move from pediatric care to adult digestive care. We facilitate adjustment to the new environment of adult care, introduce them to new physicians, and help them understand the critical importance of keeping up-to-date with therapies and appointments. This process begins in adolescence (around the age of 12) and continues through the teen years and into young adulthood (through age 18).

Q. I have traveled around to see many doctors and have had to have multiple tests. How will coming to the Center be different?

Your digestive care -- physician appointments, diagnostic testing and treatment therapies -- is in one convenient location, all coordinated by clinical program specialists who take you step-by-step through the care process from diagnosis to treatment and recovery.

Q. Can I get all my tests and treatments at the Center?

Yes. The Center offers complete diagnostic testing and treatment therapies for all digestive disorders.

Q. Will I need to have my tests redone?

We will use information from all previous tests whenever possible. However, in cases where diagnostic information is not conclusive, we may need to repeat certain tests or conduct additional tests that use more advanced technologies to provide more accurate data and guide your customized care plan.

Q. Do I need a physician referral to see a Center doctor?

We do not require a physician referral to see a Center specialist. However, keep in mind that your insurance company may require you to have a physician referral in order for you to receive benefits. If you are unsure, call your insurance carrier for clarification.

Q. Will the Center accept my health insurance?

The Center accepts most major health insurance plans. Insurance acceptance is on a physician-by-physician basis. Please contact the Center for Advanced Digestive Care at 1-877-902-2232 (1-877-902-CADC) to find a physician on your plan for your condition. Check with your insurance carrier regarding out-of-network benefits, should they apply.

Q. Does the Center see Medicare and Medicaid patients?

Yes, the Center treats patients covered by both Medicare and Medicaid. Individual physician profiles list the coverage accepted. Call 1-877-902-2232 (1-877-902-CADC) to find a physician.

Q. How can I get information on a particular Center doctor?

All of our doctors, together with their clinical expertise, publications, research and insurance accepted, are listed on our website. Click to see the complete list of our digestive specialists.

Q. How do I get an appointment at the Center?

A dedicated telephone number gives you convenient access to our specialists and full range of digestive care services. To make an appointment, call: 1-877-902-2232 (1-877-902-CADC).

Q. How long will I have to wait for an appointment?

Appointment availability varies by physician. However, we make every effort to schedule timely diagnostic procedures and appointments.

Q. I would like to schedule several appointments at the Center. Can you help me coordinate them for the same day?

Yes. Our Patient Navigators are available to assist you with scheduling as many procedures or doctor visits in one day as possible.

Q. What should I bring to my first appointment?

  • Your insurance identification card
  • A referral from your Primary Care Physician, if your insurance company requires it
  • If you have had any prior tests or scans, please bring both the scan (usually available on a CD) and the associated reports.

Q. I don't have a digestive disease. Can I get a colonoscopy screening at the Center?

Yes, the Center offers colonoscopy screening. To find a physician call 1-877-902-2232 (1-877-902-CADC).

Q. I have a history of colon cancer in my family? Could the Center help arrange genetic testing?

Yes. Because many digestive diseases have a familial tendency, we offer genetic testing to assess risk and provide counseling to help patients cope with the results of genetic tests. Improved understanding of genetics allows us to offer earlier intervention and more targeted therapies.

Q. Does the Center provide nutritional counseling?

Yes. We believe strongly in the important role nutrition plays in prevention and treatment of digestive conditions. Our nutrition team directs patients toward a sound diet and appropriate nutritional therapies.

Q. What clinical trials are being conducted at the Center?

The Center for Advanced Digestive Care, in conjunction with NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center, has many ongoing clinical trials to treat digestive disorders.