NBC News Talks Endoscopic Obesity Therapies with Dr. Sharaiha


June 2017

Dr. Reem Sharaiha recently sat down with NBC News to discuss new interventional treatments for obesity that require no surgery. These therapies are delivered using an endoscope, so no external incisions are necessary. Dr. Sharaiha specifically discussed the endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty in the interview, a procedure that cinches the stomach wall using an accordion-like pattern of sutures to reduce the stomach's total volume.

Recent data published by Dr. Sharaiha shows the sleeve gastroplasty is safe, and can be seen as a complement to bariatric surgery since it can be used a portion of patients where bariatric surgery may not be recommended.

Read the NBC News article, learn more about Dr. Sharaiha, or learn more about the endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty procedure.