The Healthy Aging program at NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital brings together a unique team of specialists in geriatric medicine and related areas to provide comprehensive and coordinated care for older adults. Physicians affiliated with the program assume that aging and good health are compatible and strive to help patients enjoy the best possible quality of life as they age.

The program offers preventive care, diagnosis and treatment to the following kinds of patients:

  • patients over the age of 70 who are basically healthy but wish to be monitored by physicians who specialize in conditions related to aging
  • patients with existing health conditions that need to be treated with special consideration for their age
  • patients who are dealing with health issues directly related to aging.

Physicians and other health professionals affiliated with the program are available to speak to community groups on a variety of topics related to healthy aging and geriatric medicine. Other community outreach activities include the distribution of informational materials, support groups for patients and caregivers, a monthly lecture series aimed at adults over the age of 60 and ongoing relationships with senior centers, home care services and nursing homes throughout Brooklyn.

To request educational speakers or other community participation from NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital relating to the Advanced and Minimally Invasive Surgery program, or for more information, please visit the relevant Community Education and Programs pages and contact the Department of Public Affairs with your request or inquiry.

Healthy Aging Programs

Geriatric Assessment

An initial consultation with our specialists in geriatric medicine will ordinarily include

Stroke Program

NYPBMH's Stroke Center offers rapid evaluation of stroke patients and advanced treatments that can reverse damage

Parkinson's Disease

The Center for Parkinsons Disease and Other Movement Disorders at NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital offers

Diabetes Center

NYPBMH's Diabetes Education and Resource Center provides comprehensive diabetes self-management education.


Osteoporosis affects some 20 million people—both men and women—each year.

Joint Replacement

Many older people live with joints that have been damaged by arthritis and other diseases or injuries.

Hip Fracture

The geriatric hip fracture program streamlines the process of care for elderly patients


Many patients who are recovering from stroke, who are dealing with neurological conditions like Parkinsons

Palliative Care

The Palliative Care Program provides care for patients and their loved ones by managing pain and other symptoms,

Hospice Care

NYP Brooklyn Methodist operates an inpatient hospice unit in partnership with the Visiting Nurse Service of New York Hospice.

Other Healthy Aging Services

Emergency Room Information

If you have chest pain or think you are having a stroke emergency, call 911.

Fall Prevention Program

The Fall Prevention Program seeks to provide older adults with the confidence and tools to help them age safely.

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