Asthma and Other Lung Diseases

Treatment for Infectious Lung Diseases

Physicians at NYPBMH identify and treat infectious lung diseases such as pneumonia, tuberculosis, influenza, bronchitis, and other lung infections using the latest equipment and technology. Our team of pulmonologists include specialists who focus solely on the study and treatment of infectious diseases.

Pneumonia, which may be caused by bacteria, viruses, or other agents, can follow an upper respiratory infection. Influenza, which often attacks the lungs, is a contagious disease caused by a virus. Both pneumonia and influenza pose special risks for those with other lung conditions, the very young and the very old, and those who have certain other medical disorders.

Fortunately, tuberculosis (TB) is on the decline in the United States, thanks to improved TB control programs. While most people with TB can be cured, often the treatment regimen lasts six months to one year. New medications are now making the treatment of TB easier.


If you suspect you may have an infectious lung disease, immediately call for an physician affiliated with NYPBMH.