Pulmonary Function Lab

The Pulmonary Function Laboratory at NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital is staffed by board certified registered respiratory therapists and features modern diagnostic equipment. Physicians refer patients (both pediatric and adult) for pulmonary function testing to evaluate lung disease, to determine the effectiveness of new and current treatments, and to measure how severely the lungs are damaged.

The Pulmonary Function Laboratory offers many tests for lung diseases which are non-invasive, including the spirometry test, which measures the air flow in different parts of the lungs.

The laboratory also offers plethysmography, the most accurate test available to measure total lung volume. Another service offered is bronchial provocation testing, which provides physicians with valuable treatment information for the management of asthma.

Pulmonary stress tests are also given at the laboratory to evaluate lung and cardiac limitations at full exertion. In addition, arterial blood gas studies are available at the Pulmonary Function Laboratory.

Bronchoscopy Suite

NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital's bronchoscopy suite features fiber optic technology and is used for both diagnosing and treating certain lung conditions in both children and adults.

Bronchoscopy enables physicians to "see" into the airways using a flexible scope. Patients are sedated during these procedures.

Bronchoscopy may be used to evaluate the airways following an abnormal chest x-ray or CT scan, to stage lung cancer, to evaluate the airways after a chest injury, or to look for a foreign body in the airways. Therapeutically, physicians use bronchoscopy for many procedures, including to assist in draining lung abscesses, to remove foreign bodies, and to place stents to open the airways.

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