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Support Groups

See our events calendar here. Please call the phone numbers below for dates, times and locations. Many support groups also require a phone call for registration. The support groups currently available at NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital include the following:

Alzheimer's Disease Wellness Support Group: 646-330-3286

Alzheimer's Disease Care 4 Caregivers: 646-330-3286

Bereavement Support Group: 718-780-3396

Brain Aneurysm Awareness Group: 718-246-8610

*Breastfeeding Support Group: 718-780-5078

Cancer Support Group: 718-780-5646

Caregiver Support Group: 718-596-8789, Extension 337

Congestive Heart Failure Support Group: 347-442-4997

*Diabetes Support Group: 718-246-8603

Multiple Sclerosis Support Group: 800-344-4867

Parkinson's Disease Patient Support Group: 646-704-1792

Parkinson's Disease Caregivers Support Group: 646-704-1792

Parkinson's Disease Wellness and Exercise Classes: 646-704-1792

Pulmonary Hypertension Support Group: 718-780-5614

*Stroke Support Group: 718-780-3777

Surgical Weight Reduction Information Seminar and Support Group: 718-780-3288

*For the support groups with asterisks,  no registration is required.