Programming At The Uptown Hub

The Uptown Hub Headquarters (HQ) is the physical and figurative heart of the Uptown Hub. HQ’s primary mission is to offer members a safe and engaging space where they can participate in meaningful programs, receive one-on-one support from qualified staff, do homework, meet new people and, of course, have fun! 

HQ houses three main programs:

  • Drop-in hours – Drop-in hours at the Hub are 3:00pm – 6:30pm Monday through Friday. Drop-in hours are unstructured time for Hub members to come to relax, eat food, do homework, receive tutoring, work on resumes, and meet with program staff.
  • Structured Groups/Activities – HQ facilitates daily programming with a focus on youth development and health & wellness. Current programs include, but are not limited, to Life Skills (college prep, job searching, budgeting, cooking), Teen Health (diet & nutrition, sexual health, consent & IPV), Behavioral Health (coping skills, identity, conflict resolution, mindfulness) and Arts & Recreation. Weekly and monthly calendars are available with all program details. Programs generally run between 4:30 and 6:30pm Monday through Friday.
  • One-on-One Support - Every Hub member who comes to HQ will be connected with a staff member who will be responsible for an initial one-on-one meeting with the young person to assess their needs and interests. The staff member will continue to provide ongoing support and connect them to Hub programming and referrals to community resources and services.