Community Programs and Services

NewYork-Presbyterian Ambulatory Care Network

NYP School-Based Health Centers

NewYork-Presbyterian's Center for Community Health and Education (CCHE) operates seven school-based health centers serving 23 public schools in Harlem, Washington Heights/Inwood, and the Bronx (SBHCs). These centers are part of the NewYork-Presbyterian Ambulatory Care Network. The SBHCs are open year-round and provide students with on-site access to comprehensive clinical services, including integrated primary medical, preventive, dental, and mental health care and a diverse array of health education and health promotion services. SBHC services are coordinated with the students’ parents, family physicians, and other community- based providers.

For many adolescents, the SBHCs meet important health and prevention needs that would otherwise be unaddressed. These centers:

  • Increase healthcare access and wellness visits by students
  • Reduce inappropriate emergency room use and hospitalization
  • Provide crucial services such as mental health care and high-risk behavior screening
  • Significantly decrease absenteeism and tardiness among adolescents receiving medical services and counseling